Friday, June 14, 2019

Profesional portfolio Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Profesional portfolio - Assignment ExampleDeveloping an effective global workplace is a challenging tasks but requirement for multinational companies because it ensures employees in their companies create a culture of sh atomic number 18d values that maintain cohesive and ethical cultures across countries that are difficult to create in a domestic environment. In light of this new definition of global workplace, to me global workplace is considered a workplace with intercultural teams that come together from across varied countries to accomplish a business objective for a telephoner using technology and communication, while observing certain ethical and professional behavior for the objective of minimizing cost.In the same assignment, another change or rather an addition that has been made is the experience of intercultural communication, specifically using Coca-Cola in India as an example. Let us look at the change of intercultural communication. Intercultural communication rel ates to how pile should work in a global workplace because it looks at how individuals from different background of culture contract to communicate verbally and non-verbally, manage, approach deadlines, work together, meet, build relationships, negotiate and much more (Varner & Beamer, 2011). Individuals and companies that look into doing business within the global workplace usually are unsuccessful in addressing such areas before venturing into business abroad. This has the effect of leading to poor performance and lost business deals. More understanding of differences intercultural in protocol, communication and etiquette in addition to informed planning surely leads to a huge probability of attaining business goals and objectives. Code of conduct is one aspect of intercultural communication that relates to how people work in a global workplace. In a global workplace, a uniform code of conduct is used to address how workers of a company are supposed to behave professionally. For instance,

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