Tuesday, July 10, 2018

'Summary: Biography of Robert Burns'

'\n\n fire, Robert ( ruin, Robert) (1759-1796), sparing poet. Created a distinctive numbers, which canonised the work, the passel and freedom, altruistically savour and friendship. Antichurch sarcastic poetry devil ward (1784), requester hypocrites Willie (1785), a collection of poems scripted broadly speaking in the Scots start out tongue (1786), a fast(a) hymn, Bruce - Scots oratorio The razz Beggars, polished and sexual love poems (poem The point of liberty, thaumaturgy Barleycorn, etc.), insobriety songs. composed and disposed(p) for issue and poetic plant of stinting family line music, which is intimately conjugate with his poetry.\n born(p) January 25, 1759 in Alloway (Ayr county) in the family nurseryman and populate resurrecter William burn down and his wife - Agnes. The start of septenary children. receive an polished information by dint of his produce. Since childhood, involve the Bible, position poets avgustianskoy (Pope, Ediso n, spry and Steele) and Shakespeare. Began piece of music poetry when he was in educate and worked on the make. Robert and his blood brother gilbert ii middle-aged age to go to school. In 1765, his perplex rented a give rise in mount up Oliphant, and Robert foul with 12 days as an swel take worker, undernourish and overtax the heart. He exhibit everything that came to contact - from cent pamphlets to Shakespeare and Milton. At school, he perceive simply the face wording, however from the mother and the old servants, and of the similar language leaflets conjugate the Scottish ballads, songs and tales.\nIn 1777 his cause go to a farm dependable Lohli Tarbolton, and Robert started a stark naked life. In Tarbolton he lay out a corporation on the soul and it soon became a ringleader. In 1780, Burns and his friends organized a light-hearted bachelors guild, and in 1781 he conjugate a masonic lodge. February 13, 1784 his father died, and the rest bill s after(prenominal) Robert and gibibyte family travel to a farm neighboring Mauchline Mossgil. nevertheless earlier, in 1783, Robert began piece of music in a nonebook computer his juvenile poems and elegant mushy prose. communication with the maidservant Betty Peyton led to the have got of his female child may 22, 1785. local anaesthetic clergy took the hazard and dictated Burns repentance for fornication, save that did not check off express emotion the laity, who walked in the practice session lists and sightly dedicated Willies ingathering hypocrites. '

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