Thursday, August 29, 2019

A Note on Cheerleading Essay Example for Free

A Note on Cheerleading Essay ? Cheerleading. When you hear that word, what do you think about? Snobby, skinny blonde girls that have nothing else to do in life besides smile and wear short skirts? Well, when I hear that word, I think of confident, courageous and athletic young women who have a chance to be someone else on a gym floor. Cheerleading is full of so many opportunities! I’ve been a cheerleader for four years and it has done so many things. But before that all happened, my life was just simple. I was nervous to talk in crowds, my face turned red when people wanted to speak to me, and I acted shy in many other ways. I wouldn’t say I was a nobody. I mean, I was a somebody, but just not a positive, talkative student who enjoyed attention. In 7th grade, signing up for cheerleading was a hassle. I didn’t want to sign up all by myself. So I convinced some of my friends to sign up with me. Unfortunately, they quit right before try-outs because they weren’t that interested anymore. So basically, I felt all by myself. But I hung on. I cheered all the cheers, chanted all the chants, stretched all the stretches, and jumped all the jumps. Cheerleading was fun. It changed my life in just three months. I felt as if I was â€Å"coming out of my shell.† But more was to come freshman year. Signing up for cheerleading in freshmanwas easy. But it was the wait for the season to actually start that was aggravating! Eventually, time slowly came by and it was , 2009, the first day of practice, and that was a wake-up call. There was a new, more professional coach, and only one girl from last year was back to be on the squad. So it was time to meet other people for a change and make more friends. New cheers were being taught from the captains of the High School Cheerleaders. Who knew that I’d get the highest score in try-outs and become head captain? Well, I did, and a captain is supposed to lead everyone. That’s what let me be myself. I was able to help everyone understand what to do, when to do it, and stand in front of a crowd by having a different uniform than the other non-captains on the team. Games are my favorite. Just running onto the floor is a rush, and I plan to do that for at least four more years. Yes, I want to be on the High School Cheerleading squad! I’m confident I will make it, and I’m not scared to try. The high school coach has been to some of our practices and I could tell she was impressed. I guess I have to wait a year to see what she says. GO, BULLDOGS! As you can see, there’s been a drastic before and after. Before, I was a shy girl who was just average. Now, I’m a young woman who has a good sense of self-confidence! A Note on Cheerleading. (2017, Jan 21).

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