Thursday, August 8, 2019

Case Study -Ethics and Professional Practice Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

-Ethics and Professional Practice - Case Study Example The basic ethical principles are respect, empowerment, protection, responsibility and commitment. Every professional practice is shaped by its own ethics and codes of conduct that are expected of those who practice it. The police have a duty to protect themselves and other people considered vulnerable in society such as children and have the responsibility to carry the burden brought about by their conduct (Kleinig, 1997). In the case of Kelly Woods, there are various ethical issues that do arise, which challenge the practice of the policeman. Physical assault is ethically wrong of a father does that to intentionally inflict pain to a child. However, the problem comes when parenting roles conflict with family wrangles. The suspension of the young boy from school following his possession of porn and a pocket knife is an ethically right practice that is in line with rules and regulation of schooling. The child was to be punished but not assaulted. Ethics for parenting were thus broken by the father. The filing for a case five years after the assault case is questionable given that it is done with the assistance of the mother yet the two are separated. There could be possibilities of the young person evading future punishment due to his juvenile deliquesce and on the other hand, the mother might be silently pushing for child custody without putting her intentions clear. In the above case, there are possibilities that the police, in their faithful duty to serve the public, are being used unethically to settling personal scores. This is a case that calls for further investigation and avoid looking at things from one point of view. Cases such as these are normally complicated because the parents normally go to extreme options when seeking to take custody of kids. One ethical issue that normally stands out in such circumstances as has been seen in this case of Kelly Woods is the fact that children normally take advantage of

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