Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Amazon Company Background Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

Amazon Company Background - Research Paper Example For effective management f its network relations, the company has, in addition to its Seattle headquarters, an additional office at Coffeyville, state of Kansas. Additionally, has global websites in the US, UK, France, Germany, Canada and Japan with a view of serving the domestic consumers of its products and service. With more than eight thousand full time employees, the company is able to have effective communication with its customers within the online or network relationships. In this regard, the placing of orders, acquisition of relevant information, following the progress of the order and online sale of products and services are transactions which are effected during the network relationships. The company values its employees as the most important resource in effective management of network relationships between the company and its employees. The management of network relationships includes effective and efficient communication between the Amazon sellers and the customers. Customers are provided with an interface of creating user accounts through which their communication with the sellers will be facilitated. Through these accounts, the users are able to view the company’s variety of products and make necessary inquiries. This is then followed by making or orders by the customers. The orders are consequently processed by the company’s employees within the various subsidiaries and retail shops. The company’s policy provides for professionalism and effectiveness in communication. which includes giving the customers appropriate feedback on the progress of the orders. Additionally, the procedure of communication within the company is in support of enhanced relationship between the sellers and the customers. This is aimed at ensuring effectiveness and quality in the provision of services and products to th e company’s market. Call Centers for Facilitating Relationships The company has call centers Kennewick, Grand Forks and Huntington within the US. Additionally, Inc. has call centers in Cape Town, South Africa and Hyderabad, India. These call centers play the most significant role of enhancing network communications between the customers and the sellers of the company’s products (Ratnasingham 1). The activities in the call centers employ information and communication technology in addition to the utilization of telecommunication networks in order to efficiently meet the needs of consumers for information. More importantly, the consumers are enabled to inquire about the various details on the company’s products and thus achieve an enhanced shopping experience. In addition to the communication with the customers, the data centers play a role of coordinating the activities of the various

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