Monday, September 2, 2019

Rearch paper

Customer ‘s satisfaction can be damaged. The deputation is affected ba Helping manager choose the appropriate number of inventory that need to invest in he future to avoid shortage inventory of surplus inventory. EOQ † 3. The affection of some factors to Working Capital . Capital Structure : . Arranging capital structure do not fit imbalance between current assets and fixed assets leads to an excess or deficiency of assets that will reduce the efficiency of capital use . Business costs : the direct influence factor to the efficient use of capital .Costs increase as prices of goods and services increased by reducing consumption leads to reduced efficiency of capital. As a result , businesses are striving to reduce costs , ower production costs , increase competitiveness of goods on the market , the more rapid consumption , the rotation of the capital increase , contributing to improve business performance of enterprises . The business relationships : the relationships repr esent two perspectives on the relationship between enterprises and between enterprises and customers to suppliers .This is important because it affects the pace of production , distribution capabilities , and consumption of goods especially directly affected the profitability of the business The raising money also affects the efficiency of capital. Raising capital is to use the funds , so the demand for capital is, mobilization of capital to businesses that do not occur to excess or lack of funds . The funding will reasonably ensure the efficient use of capital is higher. On the other hand the use of capital is influenced by interest rates and time to mobilize funding .Selecting and finding appropriate funding sources are direct factors determining efficiency of business capital business . Mechanisms and management of state policies : change mechanisms and policies of the state will cause difficulties for the effective use of capital in the business. f enterprises to quickly grasp a nd adapt to change, it will stand firm in the market and to develop conditions And Some Factors that related to Current Asset such as : CASH : Cash is a type of asset that don't bring interest rate ( or very low interest rate if it is not used ) .So that should be managed to minimize the amount of cash to keep. However, keep cash in the business as well as issues needed to ensure daily business transactions, to offset the bank of banks providing services to businesses, to meet projected demand in case of changes

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