Friday, October 4, 2019

Business Plan. It's about Pet shop Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Business Plan. It's about Pet shop - Essay Example The company faces a threat to competitor, but its mission of employing professionally provides the company with an edge to outdo another firm in the market. The company aims to earn more revenue in training and grooming of pets as well as selling to new customers. Pet Shop is a partnership business that involves itself in pet fashion and beautification. Just like celebrities, pets have attracted an increased attraction among the citizen of the country. This gives Pet Shop a ready market for pet training, grooming and partnership in fashion shows and magazines. Pet Shop recruits experts and professional staff to improve service delivery to promote firm products in the market. The company recognizes the power of it suppliers and hold them at higher esteem to deliver on the target of the company. Pet Shop believes in happy and healthy families and thus encourages people to have one or two pet in their homes. Pet Shop aim at promoting the pet industry. The company has the strategy of training home pet as well as advocating fashions shows and partner selection to ensure the procreation of pets in their new homes. This would attract a lot of audience in the show business and guarantee a source of revenue for the company. Pet Shop prospect to partner with entrainment fashion show and magazine producers to sell it services to the public. This is a long term strategy. Therefore, because people love their cats and dog so much, Pet Shop promise to make people home a beautiful with smart pets around them. Pet Shop aim to attract more than 100 million customer in it five years in the business. This would be achieved by constant expansion of market from within the country to oversee and introduction of pets business in countries that do not practice pet ownership. The fashion industry is dominated by human and introduction of pets to fashion participant will be a game changer in the industry. This will attract celebrities to groom themselves as

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