Thursday, October 17, 2019

MGT A7 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

MGT A7 - Essay Example Leadership and management are two distinctive functions that an organization should have. They are the Conner stones of success and growth of an organization. There should be a balance between management and leadership of an organization. Kotter article has explained that most companies in United States of America do not have equilibrium the two different functions. A number of corporations within US put more emphasis and attention on management with little attention on leadership. More successful corporations in US seek qualified personnel who posses leadership qualities and employ them to take on crucial roles that require ability to lead well. Such companies balance strong leadership with strong management propelling them to success (Kotter, 2001). Basing on the functions that this article has given to leaders and managers, a successful corporation should have more leaders as compared to managers. This article has cited an example a military setup to explain how leadership is more important than management in an organization. In this example, a peacetime army can succeed with good leadership at the highest ranks. In addition, good leadership at all levels is important to ensure success. This example explains that good leadership at the top hierarchies of an organization determines the success of that organization. All levels of a corporation need to have good leadership to ensure success. An organization should go through with variations in time many changes. Changes within an organization or external changes are unavoidable. A crucial function of leadership is coping with changes within and outside an organization. This is a key function because in the past years there has been a rapid increase in market competition between organizations. Organizations should adopt a number of changes in order to compete successfully with its competitors. Failure to cope up with market changes can lead to collapse of a company due to

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