Saturday, November 2, 2019

Comm219 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Comm219 - Essay Example This is because it discusses issues dealing with leadership in indigenous societies, as well as marginalization of women in the leadership institutions. Overall, the magazine targets the entire population of British Colombia. This magazine presents distinctive articles because, for every story, there is an independent either cultural or political analysis depending on the topic. Additionally, it allows aggressive discussion by the readers with every story, which gives a platform for readers to evaluate and analyze the story based on their opinions and perceptions. For the sake of user interaction, the magazine is structured into several sections that allow easy and quick access to information that the reader may be looking for. For example, it is divided into news, culture, opinion, mediacheck, national, and solutions. So if a reader wants stories concerning solutions to societal challenges such as environment, one just clicks on solutions and select a story. Further, the magazine has created a platform for comments where readers can give their opinion on every story. Finally, the stories are accompanied with pictures for better understanding and interaction. The story I choose is titled For Kids, the Meal Is the Message. This story is remarkable because of the reaction it ignites from the audience, as well the presentation that uses humor to bring out reality and serious issue, which makes it interesting to read. Apart from the use of illustrations, the story refers to several sources and data to support the author’s argument, and this is what I would like to emulate in my writing. Another aspect is that the story addresses a specific audience while educating, informing, and giving solutions at the same

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