Wednesday, November 20, 2019

People on organization Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words - 1

People on organization - Essay Example Before the actual date of the meeting, participants have to be selected appropriately. A meeting within an organization should not contain all the members of the organization but only the members that are affected or required to impact the meeting. The selection of members of a meeting will depend on the type of meeting. For instance, a meeting to negotiate terms and conditions of work between employer and employees does not necessarily require attendance of all the employees. Instead, members can be drawn from the membership of employee unions. This selection will limit the possibility of waste of time from irrelevant input and lack of concern in the meeting. Setting the objectives of the meeting or the agenda is another preparatory process. Here, the person or group that calls the meeting will develop a set of concerns that the meeting will address. The main consideration here is given to the type of meeting. If the meeting is to address a dispute, then the objectives are limited to the scope of a dispute of resolution and the stakeholders are duly informed. The agenda is then distributed to the stakeholders before the meeting to allow time for the stakeholders to gather high-quality information on the subject matter. It also gives the participants time to make their schedules comply with the timeframe of the meeting (Gamage 2006). Giving each stakeholder time for preparation sets the time for each member to gather the relevant information on the subject of the issue. The importance of this subject is already discussed that it makes the subject limit the preparation of the issues at hand. For distributive negotiations, this point is a s pecial one. This is since it makes the preparing partners have a wide variety of their options. For integrated bargains, the process is not as useful as it engages the formal partners in a wit engagement that will engage in unproductive negotiations. A meeting should start at the stipulated time on and

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