Friday, January 24, 2020

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Erin Lowe- also author of many "outstanding" American History essays.... of which two are published somewhere here..... one about Peter Noyes, and another about Mercantilism..... "Books won't stay banned. They won't burn. Ideas won't go to jail†¦ In the long run of history, the censor and the inquisitor have always lost. The only sure weapon against bad ideas is better ideas. The source of better ideas is wisdom. The surest path to wisdom is a liberal education." The only way that the ideas of this world that are deemed bad are going to go away is if we are allowed to see them and change them. If we are not allowed to see what is "bad" then our society will never grow to become a better place. What censorship does is keep us protected; leaving us living sheltered lives. If we never see a racist comment how are we to know that racism is bad? At the same time Censorship can be a good thing because it keeps children from seeing pornography, and terribl e acts of violence. However censorship should not keep anyone from seeing literature, even if it is considered slightly explicit in a sexual, racial, or violent manner. Censorship should leave the ideas of people alone and leave them with their first amendment rights. Amendment one of the United States Bill of Rights reads "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise there of; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble†¦". What this means is that we, in America have the right to be any religion, and to not have that religion forced upon us. We have the right to say what we want and to publish our ideas if we so wish, and to read the ideas that others have published. We can also peaceably assemble, or gather in protest without violence what we think is wrong. The biggest right that we have is that of free speech and press. We can say what we want! As Amer ican sometimes we take this for granted. However even though we have the right to free speech we have to draw the line somewhere, but where? "We so often condemn books that were written to fight the very things that we claim to be fighting." This quote illustrates one of the things that are so wrong with censorship.

Thursday, January 16, 2020

Organic food vs. non-organic food Essay

When you go to the supermarket, what type of food do you buy? Organic food or non-organic food? Maybe you buy some of both? However, when it comes to price, health and environmental protection, there are significant differences between these two types of food. Then you can decide which is best for you. First, price is usually the very essential factor considered by a consumer. We all know that most organic food is more expensive than conventional food. Take milk for example, usually milk certified as hormone and antibiotic-free in a supermarket costs twice than grocery milk. â€Å"Higher prices of organic food are due to more expensive farming practices, tighter government regulations and lower crop yields† (â€Å"Organic vs Non-organic Foods†, n.d.). In contrast, although non-organic food is cheaper, it â€Å"contains many hidden cost like taxes and the cost of the treatment for the harm caused to the environment by conventional farming† (Pragyaï ¼Å' 2011). Second, while buying food some consumers consider price first, but other consumers care more about health. â€Å"As animals are given antibiotics in conventional farming, human body, when sick does not accept the same antibiotics, thus reducing the body’s immunity in the long run† (Pragya, 2011). Besides, conventional growers use pesticides to protect their crops from molds, insects, and diseases, which is harmful to humans and especially harmful to women and children’s health. Compared to it, in organic farming animals are given organic feed and can get access to the outdoors in order to help minimize disease (â€Å"Organic vs Non-organic Foods†, n.d.). Moreover, pesticides are not allowed in organic farming. Thus, organic food is obviously safer and healthier. Third, as above-mentioned, using pesticides in conventional farming is harmful to our health, but it is also harmful to our environment. Use of these chemicals containing toxic substances has resul ted less number of wild animals and plants on the farmland. At the same time the quality of soil becomes worse because of the use of too much chemical fertilizer. On the contrary, â€Å"organic farming uses crop rotation to prevent pests, by creating a more diverse ecological system to naturally grow the pest’s predators, for increasing the quality of soil, natural manure and composting is done. Thus, the benefits of organic farming and more long term and benefit in fighting problems like degradation of the environment (Pragya, 2011). In short, both organic and non-organic food consumers have many different points of views. All in all, non-organic food  is cheaper, but leads to an uncertainty in health and does harm to the environment. Even though the relation is not quite proven, organic food is definitely be safer and healthier. Whether or not to buy organic or non-organic food fully depends on your lifestyle and what you are concerned about.

Wednesday, January 8, 2020

The Negative and Positive Effects of Mergers and Acquisitions Free Essay Example, 1500 words

It is important to note that Conyon Ð °nd Murphy (2002) show thÐ °t, for thÐ µ UK, sizÐ µ (Ð °nd not thÐ µ pÐ µrfomÐ °ncÐ µ) is thÐ µ mÐ °in dÐ µtÐ µrminÐ °nt of thÐ µ mÐ °nÐ °gÐ µriÐ °l sÐ °lÐ °riÐ µs. This fÐ °ct cÐ °n Ð µxplÐ °in why mÐ °nÐ °gÐ µrs Ð °rÐ µ so tÐ µmptÐ µd to usÐ µ Ð ° frÐ µÃ µ cÐ °sh flow to furthÐ µr build thÐ µ Ð µmpirÐ µ thÐ °t hopÐ µfully will rÐ µsult in highÐ µr sÐ °lÐ °riÐ µs Ð °nd bonusÐ µs. No wondÐ µr thÐ °t Ð °ftÐ µr such circumstÐ °ncÐ µs, thÐ µ totÐ °l vÐ °luÐ µ Ð °ftÐ µr mÐ µrgÐ µrs Ð °nd Ð °cquisitions Ð °ctuÐ °lly goÐ µs down. MÐ °nÐ °gÐ µrs who Ð °rÐ µ Ð °ggrÐ °vÐ °tÐ µd by pÐ µrsonÐ °l intÐ µrÐ µsts, (Ð µ. g. mÐ °ximizÐ µ thÐ µ sizÐ µ of thÐ µ firm Ð °nd thÐ µir fiÐ µld of control) Ð °rÐ µ morÐ µ pronÐ µ to sÐ µÃ µk out lÐ °rgÐ µ, wÐ µll known compÐ °niÐ µs Ð °s Ð °cquisition tÐ °rgÐ µts Ð °nd usuÐ °lly ovÐ µrpÐ °y in thÐ µ bidding proc Ð µss. This is Ð °n doubtful motivÐ µ for thÐ µ Ð °cquisition of rÐ µlÐ °tivÐ µly smÐ °ll Ð °nd unknown privÐ °tÐ µ compÐ °niÐ µs. ThÐ µ Ð °cquisition of Ð ° privÐ °tÐ µ compÐ °ny morÐ µ Ð µÃ °sily fits thÐ µ motivÐ µ of mÐ °ximizÐ °tion of shÐ °rÐ µholdÐ µr wÐ µÃ °lth. Ð nd thÐ µ third motivÐ µ of M Ð  cÐ °n bÐ µ thÐ µ mÐ °nÐ °gÐ µmÐ µnt hubris. Hubris is Ð µspÐ µciÐ °lly prÐ µvÐ °lÐ µnt Ð °ftÐ µr good pÐ µriods whÐ µn thÐ µ firm hÐ °s bÐ µÃ µn doing wÐ µll Ð °nd futurÐ µ prospÐ µcts Ð °rÐ µ good Ð °nd mÐ °nÐ °gÐ µmÐ µnt is ovÐ µrconfidÐ µnt. SÐ µvÐ µrÐ °l rÐ µsÐ µÃ °rch pÐ °pÐ µrs stÐ °tÐ µ thÐ °t Ð µvÐ µn thÐ µ mÐ µthod of pÐ °ymÐ µnt mÐ °y influÐ µncÐ µ biddÐ µr gÐ °ins/lossÐ µs from Ð °cquisitions. In gÐ µnÐ µrÐ °l, thÐ µ Ð µvidÐ µncÐ µ indicÐ °tÐ µs thÐ °t pÐ °ymÐ µnt in shÐ °rÐ µs is lÐ µss likÐ µly to gÐ µnÐ µrÐ °tÐ µ biddÐ µr gÐ °ins thÐ °n pÐ °ymÐ µnt in cÐ °sh. We will write a custom essay sample on The Negative and Positive Effects of Mergers and Acquisitions or any topic specifically for you Only $17.96 $11.86/page SÐ µcond hypothÐ µsis Ð µntÐ °ils Ð °symmÐ µtric informÐ °tion. This is connÐ µctÐ µd to thÐ µ first hypothÐ µsis.

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