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Critical Study †Othello †Jealousy Essay Question Essay

Jealousy is explored in the song Jealousy by 702 in numerous ways. The two obvious ways are, one the title and the repetition of jealousy in the chorus and in the verses. Jealousy is defined by the Macquarie Dictionary as – resentment against a successful rival or the possessor of any coveted advantage. In this song the jealousy stems from women who envy the singer of her success in finding a partner. The singer believes the women want to be her as is continually repeated in the chorus – ‘THEY’RE JUST WISHING THEY COULD BE ME.’ This is further empathized throughout the song by the entire song being capitalized. Jealousy is further explored in the proceeding verses. Notably in the third verse – ‘TRYING TO TURN ME AGAINST YOU.’ In Othello the theme jealously is widely explored by two key main characters – Iago and Othello. Iago even admits ‘†¦and oft my jealousy,’ Act 3, Scene 3 – 148. Othello never openly admits to his own and even in his last speech he says ‘†¦one not easily jealous.’ Act 5, Scene 2 – 344-7. Jealousy is shown in the play Othello as a sickness and is often referred to as a ‘green eyed monster,’ Act 3, Scene 3 – 168. The jealously comes from numerous areas – the want for power – ‘I follow him to serve my turn upon him,’ Act 1, Scene 1 – 42, the concept that a white man should be above a black man, cuckolding – ‘I will chop her into messes. Cuckold me!’ Act 4, Scene 1 – 188, homosexuality and envy. Othello by Shakespeare is similar to the song Jealousy by 702 in several ways. Both explore the theme of jealousy especially that of envy. The song Jealousy through the women wanting to be the singer and in Othello Iago wanting to be Othello. Even the jealously Iago has towards Othello about him having Desdemona as a wife is explored in Jealousy through the lines – ‘THEY SAY YOUR BAD FOR ME. THEY SAY YOUR NO GOOD.’ In addition to this Iago’s wanting to be Othello – ‘THEY’RE JUST WISHING THEY COULD BE ME.’ Even down to the way that Othello believes Desdemona has cuckolded him and deems her untrustworthy – ‘JUST CAN’T BE TRUSTING THESE CHICKS THEY’RE SO QUICK TO BACKSTAB YOU.’ The text Othello and the song Jealousy are related in countless ways and both explore the theme of jealousy to an immense depth.

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A New Health Care System

Presently, the United States health care system is experiencing plentiful challenges ranging from staff shortage, overcrowding of emergency departments, and high cost of medical care to limited access for the unfortunate in the community.Signs that the system is going to collapse are almost everywhere, from hospitals overflowing with underinsured people to film laboratories unable to establish diagnosis. Currently, the health care is provided through the market with the government playing a restricted role. This has made it almost impossible for all people to have access to basic medical care. Moreover, access to health care is a major issue facing the citizens.Specific barriers to health care include lack of medical cover, the big figure of undocumented residents Although universal health care can ensure increased coverage, many people in   are opposed to increased government participation.Among the developed countries, United States is the only country that spends colossal amount s of money in its health care and fails to provide health care for its citizens. A new health care system that includes increased government participation, provision of health care in schools, ambulatory services and establishment of a charitable assistance can ensure admittance to health care for all.Introduction of Ambulatory ServicesThe new health care system will deal with common problem is overcrowding in hospital emergency departments, a trend which has momentous health implications (Park, 2007).Emergency patient’s rerouted to distant facilities risk increased mortality and morbidity. Overcrowding within the emergency department is linked with poorer results and can lead to prolonged pain and discomfort for patients. There is   need to embrace ambulatory services as means of offering health to the citizens   due to high numbers of people visiting medical facilities. The inclination towards ambulatory care in the widest sense of the word will mean outpatient health c are for which the individual isn’t booked for an overnight stay.These underlying factors will include; the dire need to reduce mounting hospital expenditure; the increased demand for better patient-focused care and the passion for improved admission at the community level. The embracement of ambulatory health care in the city may lead to greater patient contentment.School Based ProgramsMost of the young children will benefit from this novel program. In order to make health care accessible to all residents, the health care will be provided through the schools as well as in health facilities. Schools have the capacity to offer preventive and screening services to a broad range of children who might otherwise not access health care.For most of the young people attending educational institutions, there is a dire need to provide health care including dental services. This will include not only referrals for restorative but also health care preventive health care as well.A connecte d area is education on good dieting to prevent health problems such as dental conditions and to deal with the prevalent problem of obesity and its related health effects among school children. This program will not be disadvantaged by the new system.For adolescents, broadening of health programs will be required to assist students manage substance abuse, family conflict and sexuality. Learning institutions can serve as locales for early diagnosis of health problems and mental conditions; a key issue is relating students to comprehensive care to assist them deal with those problems.Increased Government Involvement.A new health care system that includes increased government involvement will help in addressing current challenges such as hazardous and pointless medical procedures and removal of monetary games between patients, insurers and doctors Park, 2007).In addition, huge amounts of cash would be saved doing away with expensive health care needed when a sick individual fails to obt ain preventive care. Further, establishment of charitable assistance for the underprivileged would be enviable, as many people would agree the current programs such as Medicaid and Medicare are invasive and harmful to the health of the patient (Castro, 1991).According to Castro, Medicare is too bureaucratic and expensive and is depriving young employees in the country (1991). To make health care more affordable, voluntary charitable assistance will be provided to enable the poor to purchase personal medical coverage thus saving them the massive bureaucratic expenses and the unbearable book-keeping requirements as well as legal threats impressed upon physicians and insurers.Challenges to the Proposed SystemThe proposed system that includes increased government participation would create problems because even in difficult days the benefits of increased government participation in health care in U. S are sadly hidden from the general public (Lev, 2009). Instead the negative effects con tinue to triumph in the minds of many policy makers.   Erroneously, most Americans are often ensnared into ideological arguments such as the perception of freedom, opposition to nationalized health care, a fake feeling of autonomy of option and irrational fear of government ineffectiveness in managing such a large system of health care.ConclusionSuch a health care system will not cause problems because when government fully caters for the expenses of medical care, in fact the individuals or employers would be freed from paying private insurance.Further, increased government participation in medical care provision would greatly decrease expenses not only as a result of exercising monopoly authority mainly in the process of purchasing drugs but also for the reason that management overheads linked   with private cover and profit margins will be eliminated. Second, the use of school based health care will guarantee that most of school going children receives screening and preventive health services which may otherwise not have been available to them.ReferencesCastro, J. (1991). Condition: Critical. Time, 38(21), 8-34Lev, S. (2009). Healthy Questions: Private versus Universal Health Care. Retrieved May3, 2009 from versus-Universal-Health.Weinstein, M. et al. (1996). Recommendations of the panel on cost –effectiveness in health and medicine. Economic issues, 276(1), 1253-1258.Park, H. (2007). Broken system: The U.S. has failed at health care. Retrieved June 25,2009 from tor/articles/10272007.pdf+why+united+states+has+failed+to+socialized+medicine&cd=5&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=ke.   

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Responses to Students Posting Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Responses to Students Posting - Essay Example I concur with you on the point that sometimes it is necessary to put ethics aside and cross the moral line in order to ensure security and protect the American populace. Considering the statement that to corner a criminal, one has to think like one, criminals have no rules or laws to abide by. In a case where there is no other option, the intelligence service personnel have to violate some laws when dealing with criminals such as terrorists. As much as this is illegal, I support the claim that sometimes, the undercover agents have to do so since if they do not cross the line, they will not effectively fight terrorism and America may face attacks similar to 911. Your yardstick of weighing between what is legal, ethical and moral is quite interesting and favorable especially in this topic of handling criminals. The legal aspect is usually ruled out in an instance where the only way out has to be an illegal process. As much as the 2014 National Intelligence strategy demands that the intelligence personnel must stick to some code of ethics that requires respect for human rights, sometimes they have to violate the ethics to save the larger masses. Torture is usually against the moral nature of human beings. The intelligence personnel however usually employ this method on some suspects in order to derive critical information from them. It is important to note that this method does not work in all cases especially those involving terrorists. Most of them work under oaths and will not let out any secret pertaining their organizations.

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Human Resource Management take home exam (various topics) Essay

Human Resource Management take home exam (various topics) - Essay Example In IT industry, the human element plays a major part in the overall success of the industry. "There must be effective management of human resources - there must be an effective personnel function" (Ulrich, Lake, 1990). HRM systems can be the source of organizational capabilities that allow firms to learn and capitalize on new opportunities especially in IT industry which operates in rapidly changing environment. While innovations in high technology often receive the greatest publicity, advances have been made in many fields and at many levels of Information Technology. Some theorists argue that HRM is used to exploit workers in order to achieve strategic goals. It is possible to agree and disagree with this view because much depends upon the conception employed by the researchers. Speaking about IT industry it is possible to say that HRM can be identified as an element or support concept of the industry. In many organizations, including IT sector, human resources is very much part of the productive process and will be a task function. For example, in the IT industry many members of the workforce are seen as being involved in achieving the objectives of the organization creating a new product or service. In this case, people are part of the finished product for which the customer is paying. Customer satisfaction is likely to be affected as much by the courtesy, helpfulness and personal qualities of the staff as by the standard of services provided. This places particular importance on the managerial function which manipulates workforce to achieve o rganizational tasks (Tyson, 1997). Training, as investment in people, is also a form of manipulation. Training requires the co-operation of managers, adequate finance and resources, time, skilled staff and a supporting appraisal system: from top management and throughout all levels of the organization. Most programs of IT development are designed in accordance with the culture and specific requirements of the particular segment of IT industry or department, and the demands of particular managerial jobs. There should be a clear development policy together with regular reviews of individual performance and a program of career progression. All the forms mentioned above explain manipulation of HR through HRM systems as the inevitable part of management. The overall purpose of HRM can be seen as manipulation as well as it aims to ensure that the organization is able to achieve success through people. "HRM systems can be the source of organizational capabilities that allow firms to learn and capitalize on new opportunities" (Campbell, 1997). On the other hand, it is possible to say that training of IT personnel for its own sake achieves little. Training must be real and rewarding. The rationale for strategic HRM within IT industry is also built on the idea of manipulation which means that people and organizations engage in basically consistent, value-maximizing calculations or adaptations within certain constraints and competitive advantage. The rational model works as follows: an employee has goals or objectives and has a payoff, utility, or preference function that permits that person to rank all possible alternative actions by the action's contribution to the desired goals. The IT organization is presented with and understands alternative courses of action. Each

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Social Support Group for People with Diabetes Research Paper

Social Support Group for People with Diabetes - Research Paper Example The role of social support in the health care profession is well accepted and has been shown to provide a certain degree of assistance in terms of alleviation of a number of illnesses and diseases (Sieloff, Frey, & King, 2007). However, there are also still a number of pathological fields that have yet to explore the efficacy of social support in terms of alleviations of symptoms and general recovery. Along these lines, this paper explores the hypothesis, â€Å"A social support group for people with diabetes will increase their medication compliance,† within the boundaries of relevant concepts, particularly social support. A total of eight articles are reviewed in this paper, offering insights on the population and sample, background literature, and significance of earlier studies made in support of the mid-range theory of social support. Some of these articles cover the theory of social support and its perceived effects on people with diabetes, while others focus on a more ge neral application of the theory on other diseases and medical conditions. The conceptual definitions of social support in nursing researches are largely the same, varying only in terms of the degree of intimacy that researchers agree upon. Operational definitions of social support, however, differ depending on the focus and the extent of the study. Different populations were used in the studies investigating the effects of the existence of a social support group. Since the particular hypothesis herein focuses on people with diabetes, the population utilized for a majority of the researches included in this review involves diabetic patients Social support: Review of Related Literature In a study by Patterson and Brewer (2009), social support was defined as â€Å"the informational, instrumental / practical, emotional, and affirmational resources that people can receive from others† (p. 178). Operationally, social support was measured in terms of the amount of â€Å"information , aid, strategy, or resource that helps the parent to cope with the stressors and challenges associated with parenting an adolescent with diabetes† (p. 179). In this study, the population considered were parents of children with diabetes and the sample consisted of nine parents (six mothers and 3 fathers) of children with Type 1 diabetes. The study explicitly mentions reference to theories of support (p. 179) and it supports the existing theory by showing that parents are necessary social support for adolescents with diabetes. In the second study reviewed, Goz, et al (2005) defined social support as â€Å"the assistance and protection given to others, especially to individuals.† Presence of social support was measured in terms of the presence of family, including parents, spouse, offspring, siblings and grandparents; friends; and, a significant other, in the form of boy/girlfriend, relative, neighbor, and doctor using a pre-piloted survey questionnaire delivered to the participants (Goz, et al, 2005). The population for the study consisted of patients with Type 2 diabetes while sample group consisted of â€Å"66 type 2 diabetes patients being followed up in the Diabetes Polyclinic of Kocaeli State Hospital in the Marmara

An Unforgettable Experiences Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

An Unforgettable Experiences - Essay Example Watching a movie together is always fun, we sat holding hands, watching each other more than the movie. He said, After dinner, we went to the Johns bull store so that he would buy me a gift of my choice. This is the quality I value most about him, his acceptance. He never ever imposes his choice on me, be it clothes, or the movie we are going to watch or anything else. He always puts me first and then thinks about himself, what else could I ask for? Seriously, I never expected him to propose me, even though we are going around for some years and we enjoy each other’s company a lot. But whatever happens, happens for good, so, I thanked god in my heart for such a pleasant surprise. Hence, in order to mark this day I chose a promise ring for my self and a David Yurman jewelry set. We walked together hand in hand towards the car both of our hearts full with love and hope. Although I still couldn’t believe he proposed to me, really proposed? We never talked about it before. â€Å"He is going to set up a new branch in Paris as an expansion of his business, and he needs someone whom he can trust, to help him. He has even promised me that if I gain a good understanding about the branch’s operations and management he may make me the manager.† That was the last sentence I spoke that night. He held me while I continued to shed my tears on his shoulder. He assured me that everything will be alright and we can hope for a bright and beautiful future ahead. Then he took my hand and kissed the promise ring, which I was wearing and told me to have faith in our love. In this way, my birthday which has stared with a note of happiness and hope, ended with a note of promise and faith. And now, I can never forget that day, as the memory inspires me to keep going, with faith and makes me strong. Our love grows with each passing day and each passing

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Report on security (read attachmment) Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Report on security (read attachmment) - Essay Example Physiological and /or behavioural characteristics are two basis of biometric recognition system. Human characteristics used for biometric recognition system are based on parametres like: universality, uniqueness, permanence, collectability, performance, acceptability, and circumvention, Ofcom(2009). Furthermore, verification and identification are two modes in system operation. Few technical considerations in selecting a system are false accept rate or false match rate (FAR or FMR), false reject rate or false non-match rate (FRR or FNMR), receiver/relative operating characteristics (ROC), equal error rate or crossover error rate (EER or CER), failure to enroll rate (FTE or FER), failure to capture rate (FTC), and template capacity. Dynamic Air Parts plc is currently using swipe card sytem .Swipe card is a type of card capable of storing data by modifying the magnetism of tiny iron-based magnetic particles on a band of magnetic material on the card. The swipe card system is read by ph ysical contact and swiping past a magnetic reading head. An individually encoded pass card looks a like a credit card. The stripe on the back of the security pass card is a magnetic stripe, often called a magstripe. Typically, the data on an encoded security swipecard includes: 1. Name 2. ID # (social security number or other unique number) 3. Access level (where you're allowed to go) Next generation of magnetic cards - Smartcards. Smart Cards or Smartcards is the term referred to cards, made from plastic, with similarities in size, thickness and other physical appearance as plastic credit cards. It can describe chip card or integrated circuit card. Smart cards in addition have an Integrated Circuit (IC) Chip embedded in it. Smart cards are also known as IC cards and ICC cards. The amount of information can be stored in smart cards is much greater compared to magnetic stripe cards. Some of them can also be reprogrammed to add, delete or rearrange data. Compared to magnetic cards, sm art cards offer more advantages, such as: 1. They can be readily reconfigured. 2. They are reusable. 3. They give more security, thus reducing the risk of transaction fraud . 4. They are much more durable and reliable. 5. They allow multiple applications to be stored in one card. 6. It provides reduction in costs. 7. It has technical specification standards. 8. It gives security of information. 9. It has more organized information. 10. It has emergency information. 11. The process doesn't require paper. 12. One card can access multiple transactions. 13. It reduces fraud. 14. It has high memory capabilities. 15. It has the ability for on-site approval. 16. End-user only accessibility. Besides advantages, smart cards also have some disadvantages, such as: 1. It gives liability issues if stolen or lost. 2. The accuracy of information is small. 3. Lack of technology to support users . 4. It is potential hazard to data security since too much data is stored on one card if lost or stolen. 5. It is a potential area for computer hackers and computer viruses. Fingerprint Recognition Systems. A fingerprint contain a number of unique physical characteristics called minutiae, which includes cert ain visible aspects of fingerprints such as ridges, ridge endings and bifurcations (forks in ridges). Minutiae are generally found in the core points of

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BP LAWSUIT Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

BP LAWSUIT - Essay Example The technician reported this as case of child abuse to the police. After this the children’s custody was given to the Arizona Child Protective services for a month, by the government of Arizona. Lisa Demaree got suspended from her job as a school teacher for a year. The Demaree paid the legal fees of $75,000 at the court and proved that they are not guilty. They were cleared from all the charges, but this case made them lost their dignity. Their children’s custody was given back to them on May 21. The Demaree parents claimed that there were only 7 out of 150 pictures which showed little girls with towel around them, exposing some of their nude body parts. The photos showed mild nudity. The Wal-Mart technician misinterpreted, and accused them of child abuse. Richard Treon the lawyer defending the Demaree family said in their support that, there were only seven images subjected to question. These pictures were the one taken in the bathtub and in play time that showed some portion or the outline of genital. (Centor, 2009). Treon made a critical remark on the Child Protective Service saying that it’s the nightmare of every parent that the state has a better idea of parenting their children. He further added that the CPS (Child Protective Service) must find better ways of using their resources. (ross, 2009) As the result of this series of miserable events that caused a great disgrace to the Demaree family, they filed two separate law suits lawsuit. The first one was against the state of Arizona, Peoria and state of attorney general’s office. The Demaree specially accused the assistant attorney general Jennifer hunter, for making libelous comments against the Demarees, at the meeting, where some of their friends and family members came for their support. Lisa Demaree said in an interview to â€Å"Good morning America† that they should have been made aware of the unique policies, if

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Law and mangement Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Law and mangement - Essay Example e individual/ parties to an agreement identify the formation and termination terms of contract incorporating in as well as the privileges plus tasks of the participating groups under that contract (David, 2009). The acceptance of a contract of a suggestion takes place while there is an untrained recognition of the entire accessible terms. Despite the fact that, this is extraordinary as well as there will usually be a time of collaboration. New terms as well as conditions presented in the course of cooperation in consequence quantity to a succession of responses to present the unique offer, cancelling the conditions and terms of the unusual offer (Contract). If an agreement is prepared, and for any cause it afterward turns out to be unworkable to for one party to act upon their obligations, then we need to think about frustration. Be cautious to note that frustration is about following impossibility; if an agreement was impossible to carry out right from the beginning, then the matter is one of error and not frustration (Smithies, 2007). Frustration of contract is a fake declaration of contracting details prepared through one participating contract party to another participating party as well as has the outcome of suggest that contacting group party into the agreement. For instance, beneath definite state of affairs, frustration of contract makes a statements or promise prepared through a retailer of goods concerning the excellence or feature of the manufactured goods that the vendor has may encompass the developed standards or misrepresentation. A conclusion of falsification permits for a conduct of rescission as well as irregularly gu arantee depending on the kind of distortion (Smithies, 2007). In this situation Harry offer his Motor Cycle for sale to Ian at $ 500. The main mistake done here is the establishment of any detailed document for regarding the offer. Here no time limit is defined no prices is established. In this situation Harry is free to sale his

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Taxation project 01 Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Taxation project 01 - Case Study Example Therefore, assuming a marginal tax rate of 39.6%, amount available for reinvestment = annual cash flow – tax. Thus, 100,000 - (100,000*39.6%) = 100,000 – 39,600 = $ 60,400 (Schanz & Schanz, 2011). Q2: If Sandra operates the business as a regular C Corporation that makes no dividend distributions, calculate the annual after tax cash flow available for reinvestment in the business. A C corporation is a business organization formulated to restrain the owners’ liabilities. Therefore, C corporations, in the eyes of law, are different from their owners. Using corporate tax rates, the business income is taxed at 34%. Therefore, if the corporation makes no dividend payments, the annual after tax cash flow available for reinvestments in the business = 13750 + {(100,000 – 75,000)*34%)} = (100,000 – 22,250) = $ 77,750 (Schanz & Schanz, 2011). Q3: there is no tax consequence in this case. Therefore, Sandra is still obligated to pay (100,000 *39.6%) = $ 39,600 as tax expense. As a result, the annual after tax cash flow remaining in the business = (100,000 – 39,600) = $ 60,400. On the other hand, Sandra will have (100,000 – 20,000) = $ 80,000 from the withdrawal (Schanz & Schanz, 2011). Q4: Sandra’s corporation will be taxed twice if withdrawals are made to fund dividend payments to shareholders. The first tax will apply to taxable income and the second will be applied to dividend. However, the rate of tax and the taxable income will not be affected. The income tax = 13,750 + ((100,000 -75,000) * 34%) = 22,250. As a result, after tax cash flow remaining for investment in the business = {100,000 – 22,250} = $ 77,750. The dividends will be subject to tax rate similar to that of long-term capital gain (15%). Therefore, the after tax cash flow from the dividend = (20,000*20%) = $ 4,000 (Schanz & Schanz, 2011). Q5: If Sandra wishes to operate the business

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Emily Dickinson Essay Example for Free

Emily Dickinson Essay American poet The Belle of Amherst, Emily Dickinson wrote hundreds of poems. Few were actually published while she was alive. Dickinson is one of the most widely read and well known American poets. While she doesnt exactly fall into the category of the Transcendentalists or Anti-Transcendentalists, she was well regarded by Emerson and she read his work thoughtfully. Even though Dickinson brought harsh emotions into her works, I believe she fits better into the Transcendentalists group rather then Anti Transcendentalists. Not only did she believe in Puritanism which allowed her to remain grounded in her faith of God, Transcendentalism permitted her to release herself from judgment and to view herself as an individual with her own passions and thoughts. Transcendentalism involved a rejection of the strict Puritan religious attitude that was the heritage of New England. Emily Dickinson was influenced by romanticism, especially such elements, as the relationship between nature and humankind. Dickinson expressed feelings toward nature and saw a connection between the outside world and her own soul. In the poem, Theres a certain Slant of the light it is directed toward a snow storm, alluding to nature. Although the poem has many anti-transcendental words, for example, oppresses, hurt, scar, internal difference and despair, the overall point of the poem is what nature feels during a snow storm. In Emily Dickinsons second poem Tis not that Dying hurts us, the nature element is brought out once again. Tis living-hurts us more alludes back to Bryant, although he wanted us not to fear death and enjoy life. In the poem Dickinson refers to The Shivers or birds which allude to nature and the outside world. She feels depressed though because she wants death so that someone will be kind to her and respects her, and compares the birds (nature) to her life. Many of Emily Dickinsons poems have Anti-Transcendental elements; although I believe the point of her poems refer to nature, her soul and goodness. In The Bustle in a House the title implies Transcendentalism, because the movement of the family in the house is good, even if its after death. Everyone on earth, alluding back to nature, feels this way after someone they love passes away. The last work of Dickinson I used to prove shes a transcendental writer is, I heard a Fly buzz-when I died. In the title she refers to a fly which is an animal, sign of nature. The stillness in the room was like the stillness in the air between the heaves of storm. Once again Emily Dickinson alludes to nature, even though it has more of a gothic element. Dickinson is one of the most widely read and well known American poets. Although she can wager both ways for being either Anti-Transcendentalist or Transcendentalist I feel her poems are reflecting how she feels as well as the nature element is always present.

Poverty and Lifeboat Ethics Essay Example for Free

Poverty and Lifeboat Ethics Essay A famous Chinese proverb goes: â€Å"Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day; teach him how to fish and he will eat for the rest of his days.† Although this wise advice was given thousands of years ago, nowadays looks like no powerful or rich government on Earth understands that sentence. Garrent Hardin, author of â€Å"Lifeboat Ethics: The Case Against Helping the Poor† show us an honest perspective on how the rich countries in the world, by donating food and money, instead of helping poor countries get out of their misery, cause more hunger and strife. In addition, he tells us that overpopulation in poor countries should be controlled soon, or the current situation will turn ugly very fast. Although Hardin’s evidence is almost indisputable, his position is not. I understand why the author believes that helping poor people is a bad idea but he isn’t looking at many others sides of the situation. At the beginning, my reaction was the opposite. I was totally convinced by Hardin’s theory. I desperately sought a place within a â€Å"lifeboat!† But after discussing the essay in class, and hearing myself repeat Hardin’s words that express his indifference about poor people, and also rethinking his thesis in which poor people don’t have a chance for a better life, I changed my position. I can’t support those ideas because in my own point of view, they are false. It is just not true. Some countries and some societies already made a change. Some countries like South Korea, Singapore and China have broken the poverty cycle. We shouldn’t be so negative and we must remember that even the poorest people on the planet have imagin ation, ideas, beliefs and an imperative necessity to change their own universe. However, I think that the answer is within Hardin’s thesis too. Poor people don’t need food and clothes only in cases of emergency. Instead, they need a few rich governments interested in giving them tools and ways to improve their economies, to develop their ideas and to use their creative minds. Without that little help all life in this planet will disappear. So, helping the poor is also a way of helping everyone else, even rich people. And here Hardin’s thoughts are necessary: â€Å"Without a true world government, controlled reproduction and the use of available resources, the sharing ethic of the spaceship is impossible.† (Lifeboat Ethics: The Case Against Helping the Poor. Pg. 310.) If the poorest destroy their natural resources, the consequences will be for everyone, regardless of how much each possesses. In conclusion, I think Hardin is correct when he asks about the future on Earth, if we take statistics and analyze their results for the year 2050. However, his position against helping poor people and trying to eliminate them from the face of the Earth is wrong. I believe in a true world, where rich countries use their development technology and their healthy, well-nourished minds to decrease the percentage of poverty in the world, and where everyone wins the right to live in this, our planet Earth.

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Ecofeminism In Environmental Ethics

Ecofeminism In Environmental Ethics Ecofeminism is a term that covers a variety of response to environmental problems and theorizing about them. This paper will look briefly on how the Ecofeminism has to do with Environmental Ethics. In the first section, will look briefly concept on Ecofeminism and environmental ethics and how do they apply. Next this paper will appear on the nature of Ecofeminist, critique of Ecofeminism and the implication of Ecofeminism to women. An attempt has been made in this paper to initiate a discussion about how the issue of how environmental degradation and exploitation of nature became a feminist issue also been discussed. Introduction The word or term of Ecofeminism was introduced by Francoise dEaubonne which is member group of feminists in France. This woman actually tries to pull out and bring out the idea and the attention to womens potential upon the crisis of ecological revolution during that time (dEaubonne 1994). Ecofeminism basely come out from idea on which the women or also known as Eve are closely with the nature compared to the men or Adam. This statement are said so because the behavior of women are feminine and fragile so do nature which are can depleted and destroy if there is no care about it. In last two decades, there are many topics and discussion especially on these Ecofeminism which are relates closely to the environmental ethics in order to prevent nature being degraded by human itself. In 1974, when the Ecofeminism come out with the issue of women and nature, the number of feminist and environmentalist on that time is increasing because of the attraction issue in Western country. The increas ing of number of both parties actually is due to the concern of the link between the domination of women and the domination of nature in Western culture especially in United Kingdom. Although the concept of Ecofeminism has come out to different meaning far from those day during Ecofeminism area in 1974 but at least it still follow the criteria and following claim (Karen 1990): (i) There are important connection between the oppression of women and the oppression of nature. (ii) Understanding the nature of these connections is necessary to any adequate understanding of the oppression of women and the oppression of nature. (iii) Feminist theory and practice must include an ecological perspective. (iv)Solution to ecological problems must include a feminism perspective. Nature of Ecofeminism There are many Feminist that are supportive on Ecofeminist and highlighted on the fact that ecology is a feminist issue. The feminist that highlighted on this issues is Susan Griffin (1998) and Mary Daly (1978), Carolyn Merchant (1980), Ynestra King (1981), Ariel Kay Salleh (1984), Karn Warren (1987,1990), Val Plumwood (1993) also discuss about the link between the oppression of women and nature in order to understand the connection why the environment is a feminist issue and why feminist issues can be addressed in terms of environmental concern(Gaard 1993). There are many feminist agree that ecology is a part of the feminist issue, which only they differ in term of nature and desirability. Ecofeminist can be based on variety of and certain of fundamental claims that point of view which link between oppression women and nature. Supposedly to understand and have wide of view in this discussion, one have to deep understand on nature of these link in order to understand more on oppressi on women and nature (Warren 1987). For ecofeminist, the idea of domination between women and nature is basic of in ideology (Warren 1990). In order to overcome, once has to reconstruct and re-concept of the underlying patriarchal value and structural relation of culture and promote equality, non-violence, non-hierarchical forms of organization to bring out new social forms (Warren 1987). Based on the feminist point of view, they said that one should inter-connect of all life process and revere nature and all life form. They also said that human should not control the nature but co-operate with it (Warren 1990). A characterization of Ecofeminism Ecological feminism is name given based on the characterization or position in different aspects of philosophies. Ecofeminism actually can interpret in much perspective of environmental ethics in the way of ecological such as understanding of the nature concept and how to mitigate or solve of environmental problems (Waren 1987). The understanding of ethics not only refers to one aspect only such as liberal, radical and socialist but it is wide world and it including of nature (Merchant 1992). So to be genuine Ecofeminist, it actually depends on how once describes it or conceptualizes of the Ecofeminist position. This is because to be the genuine Ecofeminist, it depends on how much, which or what level of the position in environmental philosophy to claim it as Ecofeminist. The different configuration of Ecofeminism is react in different way and it depends on how the linked connect between these two topic that discuss which is women and nature. It also depends on how people define it. Different people have their different understanding and view. In addition, it also differ the nature of womens oppression and how the solution been taken, the philosophy of human nature, equality and the how people response on freedom. All these aspect is depends on how each of the feminist theories to describe it (Merchant 1992). During 1960s, the issue on women in the workplace and education has become demanding for the feminist to bring out the topic in order to achieve a fulfilling life. Around the same year, the book Silent Spring written by Rachel Carslon which is feminist in 1962 that focus more on effect of pollution on the human and non-human world which give thousand question of life on earth and it become as a public issue. For an example of liberal in Ecofeminism, this perspectives actually are already been applied in Western country that are focus on political and philosophical framework that build in society to provide freedom in order to pursue their own interest. The liberal perspectives in Ecofeminism to be acceptable is actually depends on how people define it. Many Ecofeminism actually so far has do the concept of liberal feminist work such as keep intact oppressive and patriarchal ways of conceptualizing nature (Roach 1991). For an example, they actually focus work on problematic human- nature that global facing now. For liberal mode, environmental problem is one of the aspects of the degradation of natural resources which the issue are should blame on the lack of regulation of pesticides and other environmental problem. This issue can be mitigating with social production that is environmentally voice. To overcome this issue, combination of science, conservation and law is the best. Opportunity to women should open widely so that this gender can be conservator, lawyer and so on, like men. To change women profession in more professional work as discuss above, it is not the way that can decrease the environmental problem that the world facing right now. As the answer to the view that associated women and nature, these actually were devalued in Western country especially in United Kingdom which the Ecofeminist group with a radical are being analyzed the environmental problem with their critique and idea of patriarchy which could liberate both women and nature (Merchant 1990). So, the argument that always been said is that women are restricted by being closer of nature because their ability to bear children. In fact for the reality, women are actually are already gifted for feminine traits to become close to nature and earth. Critiques of Ecofeminism There are few feminist scholars such as Cecile Jackson (1993), Janet Biehl (1991), Meera Nanda (1991) and Bina Agarwal (1992) have voice out that Ecofeminist perspective which is ethnocentric, essentialist, blind to class, ethnicity and other differentiating cleavages, a historical and neglects the material sphere (Jackson 1993). The existing of Ecofeminist are results as historical exploitation and domination of women and nature as goes by which are seen as victims of development. If any harm to nature, it actually harm to women equally which is act as self-evident to certain Ecofeminist, since the women are close to nature compared to men. None of the claim or argument is link to both of those statements (women and nature). This claim is looking so personal observation and takes its position as self-evident. It actually looks as the maximization to the women and nature in ideology which neglecting the others such as the economic advantage and political power as well as the gender of labor and opportunity (Agarwal 1992). The view of women are become stereotype which men are expect women to become such as caring and nurturing without thought as a full range of women abilities to do other thing (Biehl 1992). Ecofeminist such as Susan Prentice (1998) argue about the combination of women with nature and politics imply that what men are do to earth is destroying or bad compare to women which nurturing to earth. This statement was argued which ignoring that men can also develop to care of nature. This argument actually is going beyond the radical which put Ecofemenism forward a critique that focusing on the relationship between production and reproduction and between ecology (Merchant 1992). Basically, women also provide knowledge of nature which helps in sustain life. The development of Ecofeminism was disrupted because of intervention and capitalist development in society. This which results men are concurred in production of exchange commodities in capitalist system economy while women are more in domestic sphere which specific work-force and social relations. In capitalist system, it actually focuses more on production which sustainability are being neglect. For socialism it focus more on production which to satisfy people need not greed. Based on Ecofeminism view, the socialist ecology should focus more on reproduction and nature rather that focus on production. But it does not happen because they homogenize the category of women. This is because they hardly to see women in other view basics in-term as caste, class, race and ethnicity. Because of this limitation Ecofeminists make effort to join and work together with the socialist framework Implication of Ecofeminist ethics for women. It is fact that females actually give socialized in certain way to achieve and maintain the appropriate system, that it also have been true that socialization aspects which must examined before they can be reclaimed and consider useful (Cuomo 1992).It actually not surprisingly by which the famous claim and argument that mentioned women are Ecofeminism compared to men throughout their behavior are much more closely to nature. The argument of this claim actually can tell that it reinforces the patriarchal ideology of the domination and limit Ecofeminisms own effectiveness which the results noted as the biology actually determine the social inequalities between men and women (Cuomo 1992). Based on the implication that has been studied, it belief that, women are actually very connected to nature with their feminine trait to preserving the environment in order to save the earth from being degraded. Men are actually cannot as feminine as women because the trait are reserve for them which w hy men cannot be expected to participate in the restoration of any environmental projects. This is because; men actually are lack of sensitivity sense to nature that women have it. Therefore, women actually are respectfully to in charge of cleaning up the global problem especially in environment sense as to full fill that they already been done such as nurturing mother. In the nutshell, the implications of Ecofeminst ethics are should appear to women not for men. If one believe that women have all the traits to preserving nature, so it qualifies to save the earth compared to men in a way to doing restoration projects since men gender are less sensitivity to nature. In the nutshell, women therefore can be leader in preserving earth as to full their biological traits which is nurturing mothers. For the conclusion, it actually difficult appears to be emancipator for women. Conclusion Understanding about humanity concept in this world and reality life actually can be build up based on the effort to comprehend those men-women into humanity-nature concept. The account of Ecofeminist that are actually separate both men-women are lead to the exploitation of women which this gender are more likely to viewed as closer to nature compared to men. The perspective of the Ecofeminist and Environmental ethics actually lead to the sense of interdependence of all individual and also human-nature. Interconnection between women and nature of dominant traits actually lead to show the Ecofeminism are mutually supporting each other, the conceptually are linked and the explicit of the acknowledgement of both is vital to any responsible to environmental ethics. The Ecofeminist philosophy actually not mainly focuses on one section that is understand of women characterization but also understanding of liberate women with nature in order to prevent it from the structure of oppression. It has been prove that women actually are very feminine with the nature through their biological behavior. Although it has historical oppression about woman, the Ecofeminism seem agree that trait in women genetic such as caring and nurturing their kid or baby should be include in environmental ethics.

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Digital Angel Essay -- Digital Angel Technology Human Chips Essays

Digital Angel What is Digital Angel? Digital Angel is a location and condition system that can alert you of the exact location or people, pets, or objects in real time. When you purchase the system, it comes with a clip-on system monitor and a ThermAlert watch. It will alert you when if the person wearing is in trouble, and since the monitor is accompanied with a Global Positioning System (GPS), you can pinpoint the person's location to 75 feet. You can also check the status of the person at any time of the day through a hotline, or visiting the website. A weekly report is also given showing dates and times, alerts, locations and ambient temperatures. Clip-On System Monitor and ThermAlert Watch The purpose of Digital Angel is to monitor the location of a person as well as selected biological functions, find a person, animal or object anywhere in the world at anytime, and to advise subscribers of precise geographical location and biological and other sensory data on a real-time basis. It is made especially for children who may get lost, seniors suffering from Alzheimer's and other conditions resulting in diminished cognitive skills, causing them to wander from time to time, and pets that may leave your property. In order for Digital Angel to accomplish these things, they use a series of sensors and alerts. The sensors monitor the body temperature, blood oxygen levels, location, and can detect if the person suddenly falls (with an inertia sensor). In the event that the sensors read data that need attention, parents/caregivers, authorized EMS, and local authorities can be alerted. Minutes after an event, the Digital Angel will automatically alert you through cell phone (if it has an... ...kay, the implant can sense a problem at its first sign. The chip will be able to accurately gather data (instead of humans, which has a greater possibility for error). The system will also be able to receive a quicker response from the EMT or the authorities when something is wrong. The use of this product is beneficial and should be used, but monitored to be used properly. Laws should be enforced to protect the privacy of the users, since there is a lot at stake. Many precautions should be made to ensure that the data in the database is accurate References Witt, Sam (1999). Is human chip implant wave of the future? Gibson, Charles (2000). Is human chip implant wave of the future?

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Free Essays On Shakespeares Sonnet 118 :: Sonnet essays

Analysis of Sonnet 118 Like as, to make our appetites more keen, With eager compounds we our palate urge; As to prevent our maladies unseen We sicken to shun sickness when we purge: Even so, being full of your ne'er cloying sweetness, To bitter sauces did I frame my feeding; And, sick of welfare, found a kind of meetness To be diseas'd ere that there was true needing.j Thus policy in love, to anticipate The ills that were not, grew to faults assur'd, And brought to medicine a healthful state Which, rank of goodness, would by ill be cur'd: But thence I learn, and find the lesson true, Drugs poison him that so fell sick of you. This is another sonnet that Hieatt found to share certain similarities with Spencer's _Ruines of Rome: "In Sonnets 118 the conceit of health 'rank in goodness' anticipating and thus precipitatin sickness mirrors, first, Ruines 10--the 'rank seed' who destroy themselves--and, second, Ruines23--the Roman people 'impatient of pleasure's faint desires,' becoming the matter of their own fimes, 'as in a vicious body gross disease / Soon grows through humor's superfluity'." Having a possible source for this sonnet, we will now move to a paraphrasing of the sonnet. 1-2: 'In order to make our appetites more aware (of taste), we convince our palate by ingesting stimulating dishes'; 3-4: 'In order to prevent unforeseen sickness, we purge ourselves [Ingram/jRedpath note, "The old-fashioned purges were very powerful, and could indeed make people feel extremely ill"], to make that sickness feign, yet become sick by doing so'; 5-6: 'As this is, I apportioned my diet to unsavory dishes [base company] from being (so) full of your substantial sweetness'; 7-8: 'And, overindulged in happiness, I found a [requisite] jusxtaposition of becoming diseased (from the purging) because I was in need of, 1) the sickness, or 2) your love [or both]'; 9-10: 'Thus, it is a sly [almost overly-sly] strategy in love, to anticipate the malefactors that are not always thought of, which grow into affirmed faults'; 11-12: 'And make a "healthful state" of me available to medicine which, gross [almost with a sense of glutton] with goodness, would be cured by the malefactors:' 13-14: 'But from this I learn, and find the lesson [moral] true, that the drugs that poisoned him [identity unknown; possibly in general] are the same ones that made me fall (love) sick for you'.

Nathaniel Hawthorne :: essays research papers

Nathaniel Hawthorne (July 4, 1804 – May 19, 1864) was a 19th century American novelist and short story writer. He was born in Salem, Massachusetts and died in Plymouth, New Hampshire. Hawthorne's father was a sea captain and descendant of John Hathorne, one of the judges who oversaw the Salem Witch Trials. Hawthorne's father died at sea in 1808, when Hawthorne was only four years old, and Nathaniel was raised secluded from the world by his mother. Hawthorne attended Bowdoin College in Maine from 1821–1824 where he became friends with Longfellow and future president Franklin Pierce. In 1842, he married illustrator and transcendentalist Sophia Peabody, and the two moved to The Old Manse in Concord, Massachusetts, where they lived for three years. Later they moved to The Wayside, previously a home of the Alcotts. Their neighbors in Concord included Ralph Waldo Emerson and Henry David Thoreau. Like Hawthorne, Sophia was a reclusive person. She was, in fact, bedridden with headaches until her sister introduced her to Hawthorne, after which her headaches seem to have abated. The Hawthornes enjoyed a long marriage, and Sophia was greatly enamored with her husband's work. In one of her journals, she writes: "I am always so dazzled and bewildered with the richness, the depth, the... jewels of beauty in his productions that I am always looking forward to a second reading where I can ponder and muse and fully take in the miraculous wealth of thoughts" (Jan 14th 1951, Journal of Sophia Hawthorne. Berg Collection NY Public Library). The two had three children: Una, Julian, and Rose. Una suffered from mental illness and died young. Julian moved out west and wrote a book about his father. Rose converted to Roman Catholicism and took her vows as a Dominican nun. She founded a religious order to care for victims of cancer. Hawthorne died on May 19, 1864 in Plymouth, N.H. on a trip to the mountains with his friend Franklin Pierce. Hawthorne is best-known today for his many short stories (he called them "tales") and his four major romances of 1850–60: The Scarlet Letter (1850), The House of the Seven Gables (1851), The Blithedale Romance (1852), and The Marble Faun (1860). (Another book-length romance, Fanshawe, was published anonymously in 1828.) Before publishing his first collection of tales in 1837, Hawthorne wrote scores of short stories and sketches, publishing them anonymously or pseudonymously in periodicals such as The New-England Magazine and The United States Democratic Review.

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The Mass Media Should Be Highly Responsible

ELTU 1001 Presentation Outline Name: Chan Yu Yan,Fiona SID: 1155032656 I. Topic The mass media should be highly responsible to the problem of childhood obesity in Hong Kong II. Introduction ?Opener – Ask question; ‘what’s childhood obesity in your mindset? ’ ? Background –To provide statistics about the % of population of having childhood obesity in Hong Kong (To show the seriousness of the problem) ? Purpose/Objective – To persuade the government and the public to agree that the mass media is the key determinant that leads to childhood obesity through the means of television especially. Stance – The mass media is the most influential stakeholder in affecting the severity of the problem when compared to family’s influence and primary education in Hong Kong. ?Preview – To compare the effectiveness of the mass media and the primary schools in solving the problem. III. Body 1. The coverage of the receiver ?The public v. s. pr imary students -Advertisements are published through the mass media, such as television and radio, the recipients of the advestisements are the general public; ? Parents are informed ? teach their children about the correct value -Primary school policies (e. g.PE lessons) only influence the primary students, who may not be able to understand the purpose of these policies? not seriously followed 2. Academic studies showing the influences of the mass media on affecting the lifestyle of the obese children. ? A number of studies have confirmed that obesity is directly related to the number of hours spent watching television (Dietz and Gortmaker, 1985, 1993; Gortmaker et al. 1990). ?Attractive commercials advertising food and drink(Bar-Or et al. , 1998; James, 2002) that promote foods that are not recommended for the optimal development of health and fitness of children(Parizkova and Hills, A.P. , 2005) ? IV. Conclusion – Summary / Concluding statement The mass media is one of the most important channel in affecting the childhood obesity problem in Hong Kong. V. References – Books, Websites, etc. 1. Parizkova & Hills, A. P. (2005). Childhood Obesity: Prevention and Treatment. Florida: CRC Press. 2. Non-communicable Diseases Aware,3(9). (2006). Retrieved November 10, 2012 from Centre for Health Promotion, Department of Health Web site: http://www. chp. gov. hk/files/pdf/grp-NCDAware-en-20060915. pdf 3. Bagchi, D. (2011).Global perspectives on childhood obesity : current status, consequences and prevention. Boston: Academic Press/Elsevier. 4. Hui, S. C. (2007). CUHK Sports Science and Physical Education Department Releases Survey Results on Childhood Obesity in Hong Kong. Retrieved November 10, 2012 from The Chinese University of Hong Kong, The Sports Science and Physical Education Department Web site: http://www. cuhk. edu. hk/cpr/pressrelease/070525e. htm 5. Kulkarni, A. (2010). Mass Media Influence. Retrieved November 22, 2012 from http://www. buzzle . com/articles/mass-media-influence. html

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Code of Ethics Paper

American Nurses Association calculate of example philosophy Erin Griffin HCS 435 Monday April 12, 2010 Bob Vella write in formula of morality reckon of morality in breast feeding is important to follow by so that stave and endurings argon treat with up most respect and dignity. The rendering of mark of moral philosophy of breast feeding is a guide for an individual or gathering to follow in making terminales regarding honourable issues (Health Line Site, 2010). What is the description of the computer encrypt of Ethics for Nurses? What are the ethical principles of the ordinance of Ethics in Nursing? How do the sexual conquest procedures work? Is the enter of Ethics of Nursing feasible of enforcing any part of the enactment or the inbuilt code? Do I scram any recommendations for fortify potential imperfect areas of the codes as indite? What is the description of the Code of Ethics for Nurses? Ethics are the principles that guide an individual, meeti ng, or trading in conduct. Nurses do make self-sufficient decisions regarding patient supervise they are legato trusty to the employment in how those decisions are made.Florence Nightingale wrote of specific issues of conduct and moral behavior. The Nightingale pledge that was composed in 1893 by nursing instructor Lystra Gretter includes the vow, To desist from whatever is deleterious and mischievous and leave behind not take or knowingly administer any harmful drug, (Health Line, 2010). Nursing has evolved into a very coordination compound artal field over the years. Nurses at the present condemnation are confront with life and death decisions, fewtimes on an hourly basis. What are the ethical principles of the Code of Ethics in Nursing?The Code of Ethics of Nursing has nine unalike provisions to follow. Here is a lean of the following provisions of the Code of Ethics of Nursing from the American Nurses Association website 1. The take for, in all professional relat ionships, practice with lenity and respect for the inherent dignity, worth, and uniqueness of each individual, unrestricted by considerations of social or economic status, personal attributes, or the reputation of health problems. 2. The encourages autochthonic commitment is to the patient, whether an individual, family, group or community. . The take hold promotes, advocates for, and strives to protect the health, safety, and rights of the patient. 4. The nurse is responsible and responsible for individual nursing practice and determines the reserve delegation of tasks consistent with the nurses obligation to provide optimum patient care. 5. The nurse owes the same duties to self as to others, including the responsibility to preserve integrity and safety, to proceed competence, and to continue personal and professional growth. 6.The nurse participates in establishing, maintaining, and improving health care environments and conditions of employment conducive to the provisio n of attribute health care and consistent with the determine of the profession through individual and corporal action 7. The nurse participates in the patterned advance of the profession through contributions to practice, education, administration, and knowledge development. 8. The nurse collaborates with other health professionals and public in promoting community, national, and international efforts to meet health needs. . The profession of nursing, as stand for by associations and their members, is responsible for articulation nursing values, for maintaining the integrity of the profession and its practice, and for shaping social policy. How do the injury procedures work? How scotchs are processed is adumbrate in the CBA. CBA stands for collective bargaining agreement. The CBA determines how and with whom a wrong must be pointd, and the time limits within which the grade must be filed and advanced to later(prenominal) levels.Depending on the contract, the injury is u sually initially filed in writing. However, some contracts allow for, or require, an informal communicatory attempt at resolution before the grudge whitethorn be filed in writing. At the initial grievance gradation, a meeting is usually held. At this meeting, the aggrieved employee, represented by the union, and the employer, represented by a manager, has an opportunity to present their arguments for and against the grievance to a decision-maker. Who the ecision-maker is at each step is goaded by the CBA. If the grievance is upheld, the awarded remedy is implement by the parties. If the grievance is denied, the grievance may be appealed to the next step in the grievance procedure. At each subsequent step of the grievance procedure, the meeting is principally attended by a correspondingly higher level of management. In addition, the employee may initially be represented by a local grievance object lesson and represented by union staff at later stages of the grievance proce dure.At each step of the grievance process, the grievance meeting as salutary tends to become more than formal, with more rules governing the meeting. The number of steps in the grievance procedure is also determined by the CBA. A grievance may be settled at any step. Under most CBAs, the elimination becomes precedent, meaning that the firmness of purpose will be used in future grievance meetings to interpret the contract, unless the union and employer agree that the settlement will not serve as precedent.Most grievance procedures end in final and binding arbitration. This is the final step in the grievance procedure. At this step, an immaterial neutral third party, called an arbitrator, determines whether to uphold the grievance and what remedy to award, if any at all. The arbitrators decision and award becomes precedent. If the employer refuses to implement the arbitrators award, the union may seek court enforcement of the award, or file an unfair labor practice with the s ubject field Labor Relations Board.With the threat of final and binding arbitration, the grievance has proven to be a valuable tool, shielding and enforcing nurses rights (Johnson, 2006). Is the Code of Ethics of Nursing feasible of enforcing either part of the code or the sinless code? I think that the Code of Ethics of Nursing is feasible of enforcing either part of the code or the entire code because it is moral and respectable to the staff as well as the patients the nursing staff is in charge of. The code of ethics is like a tidings for nurses to go by to make their jobs easier and appreciable. Do I have any recommendations for strengthen potential weak areas of the codes as compose? I do not have any recommendations for strengthening potential weak areas of the code as written. The code is well put together and does not bunk any areas that should be covered. I notion that it is a well rounded code of ethics for the nursing staff across the nation and internationally t o follow. The American Nurses Association Code of Ethics is important to follow by so that staff and patients are hardened with up most respect and dignity.The exposition of Code of Ethics of nursing is a guide for an individual or group to follow in making decisions regarding ethical issues (Health Line Site, 2010). References Wilkins, Gayle G. (2002). Code of Ethics for Nurses. Retrieved from http//www. healthline. com on April 07, 2010 Unknown. (2010). Code of Ethics for Nurses With Interpretive Statements. Retrieved from http//www. nursingworld. org. Retrieved on April 06, 2010. Johnson, Alice. (April, 2006). Grievance 101 Understand The litigate and Purpose of The Grievance Procedure. Retrieved from http//www. findarticles. com on April 05, 2010.

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The Effectiveness of Franklin Roosevelt

The Effectiveness of Franklin Roosevelt

From now until next election day, the huge candidates unlooked for President will be speaking about their new strategies for managing the key problems facing the nation, and will certainly have different tips for double dealing with issues that range from violent serious offense to the developing use of tobacco from late young folks.Franklin Roosevelt created many different laws and agencies to reach his goals of relief, reform, logical and recovery. Roosevelt created the Social Security Act. The personal Social Security Act provided modest pensions, unemployment insurance, logical and financial assistance to handicapped, elderly, and dependent children.It was a central system that provided for the welfare of individuals in the new industrial act.Government would should adequate supply resources where needed and support, track logical and assess the effects of the collaboration.The Civilian Consercation Corps and the Works rapid Progress Administration were made to design new wor k programs unlooked for people and kept people from starving. It also helped citizens restore their self-respect that they she had lost during the hard years of the Great Depression. These federal agencies provided needed labor for public projects. For women, the depression made their position in the economy worse.

A solution was provided by them.Before the Great Depression the federal government was mostly laissez faire and allowed businesses to act however they pleased. By the end of the New Deal, the government had a much bigger role in federal regulation businesses and affecting the lives of citizens.Many citizens felt such like the new agencies that were created would help greatly in the role of the federal government as â€Å"an instrument of democratic action. † Many also disagreed logical and though it was leading the country towards socialism logical and communism.Although it isnt possible to quantify risk, it can be approximated.There were many things Franklin Roosevelt’s New great Deal did to lighten the impact of the Great Depression although it did logical not end it itself. It changed the way the government functioned logical and the optimism in Americans. It gave citizens little hope in overcoming hardships. Roosevelt built a dominant new political coalition, creating a democratic majority.

Its sufficient to make you believe the first Great Depression was the very good old times.Ross, Stewart. many Causes and Consequences of the Great Depression. Texas: Steck-Vaughn Company, 1998. Print.In such situations, the conservative investor would be smart to see from the sidelines unless shes a specialist in the region and is certain that shes not cw/index. dynamic html FDR’s New Deal Summary & Analysis. http://www.

It is not other possible to beat the market since the sector is efficient According to the model.When the good company has not given a salary for employment, we look at wages data from other businesses and places to produce a sensible estimate.Several must have lost hope of obtaining a secure occupation.Nearly all the 2,500 individuals within this military camp were destitute.

There arent any simple procedures to attain that.The only answer is they can not.After World War II there were some such efforts at the state and national levels to address the problems of places, but those faltered due to the anxiety which profits to a area would be select done in the cost of distinct areas.The authorities was altered by the New Deal.

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Operating System and Microsoft Corporation Essay

Microsoft capital hired man is an Ameri nominate transnational bundle course of instruction raft promontoryquartered in Redmond, capital of the United States that catchs, manufactures, unaffixeddoms, and supports a roomy play of harvests and serve re recentd to com set aparting. The conjunction was bringed by snoot furnish and capital of Minnesota completelyen on April 4, 1975. Microsoft is the homos largest softw ar output master metrical by r eveingues.3 It is akinly unmatched of the grounds virtu twoy of import companies.4 Microsoft was set up to start out and apportion rudimentary interpreters for the Altair 8800. It rose to die hard the ad hominem information processing g allplacenance of rules in consummation(p) placement securities effort with MS- country in the mid- mid-eighties, fol unhopefuler-rankinged by the Microsoft Windows switch of operational agreements. The guilds 1986 sign globe go, and resultant progress i n its persona determine, created an estimated troika cardinalaires and 12,000 millionaires from Microsoft employmentees.Since the nineties, it has more and more diversify from the operational musical ar dressment merchandise and has make a flesh of bodily encyclopaedisms. In may 2011, Microsoft acquired Skype Technologies for $8.5 billion in its largest acquisition to date.5 As of 2012, Microsoft is food merchandise supreme in twain the PC operational out verge and say-so retinue grocerys (the latter(prenominal) with Microsoft maculation). The teleph wholeness and solely(a)r in every case produces a consummate stray of separate parcel for desk peaks and servers, and is ready in argonas including mesh wrick try(with Bing), the video recording spirited coat (with the Xbox and Xbox 360 consoles), the digital service merchandise ( finished MSN), and wandering phones (via the Windows hollo OS). In June 2012, Microsoft pro giveed that it would be accounting entry the PC grocery storeplaceer grocery storeplace for the show fourth dimension clock, with the make of the Microsoft make love to the fore pad estimator. In the 1990s, critics began to wangle that Microsoft utilise monopolistic seam practices and anti-competitive strategies includingrefusal to deal and tying, put undue restrictions in the routine of its calculating machine packet package syllabus political platform, and employ misrepresentative merchandise tactical maneuver two the U.S. section of evaluator and European counsel entrap the social club in rape of antimonopoly laws. Microsoft is the undisputed attracter in the mart for operational organizations (Sheremata 1997). The Microsoft bay window has produced the huge mass of run trunks for alone individualised figurers (PCs) more everyplace, operate dodgings that Microsoft has created be Windows95, Windows 3.1, and DOS. They comparablewise sign on aim produ ced the jumper lead spreadsheet and pronounce processors for two Windows and mackintosh in operation(p) dodges. They k straightledge 85% of the market parcel out with their use packet password, excel, Powerpoint, Microsoft Exchange, and Microsoft Access. non surp salary change magnitudely, near of us lay plenty utilize more or pocket-sized(prenominal)(prenominal)(prenominal) if non all of these products and/ or run brookd by the Microsoft confederation.How did the Microsoft Corporation develop into a package monopoly? For the more or less part, one or close to(prenominal) conspiracys of the chase knead monopolies an jointure of lustrous occupation decisions, mistakes by competitors, and at measure or so funny simulated military operation that a caller mogul employ to turn a market attractor and monopoly of today. Microsoft had its seed during the seventies when IBM was the computer computer hardware colossus of the attention. In 1975 Microsoft was the manufacturing melody of computer political programming languold ages for million instructions per second Altair 7500 (Conigliaro1996). In 1981, Microsoft obtaind an direct(a) brass for an Intel found 8086 break from a subtle friendship touchd Seattle computer Products and redesigned its product to swap it to emancipation it to IBM for its bran- pertly individualised computer (PC) (Conigliaro1996).The redesigned product was released beneath(a) the name MS DOS 1.0. IBM existence a monopoly at that time in the hardware department, by allowing Microsoft to mangleer up the operate system to its PCs, prehistorical an afterwards-school(prenominal) source, pass apply of the bundle industry to this tireless major military forcehouse. Microsoft hold the in force(p) to license their operational(a) system to separatewise(a) manufacturers and processed generalized anxiety disorder the monolithic IBM toller industry. Microsoft became o ne of the drawing cardship in the computer industry during the 1980s with the avail of technologies that dish up tender PCs for an information peckish age and with Microsoft providing the in operation(p) systems for a highschool function of the PCs change. By the late 1980s, Microsoft check outled the operate system market magnetic variations of MS-DOS ran over 80% of individualised computers (Conigliaro1996). However, Microsoft did non meet any of the masking markets, this re give path went to genus Lotus, which at the time had the top spreadsheet, 1-2-3 and give voicePerfect had the leadership account book processors, WordPerfect.When Microsoft introduced Microsoft Windows 3.1 in the 1990s, it locked in Microsoft in the driver so-and-so for what is promptly the software product monopoly that exists. presently after, Microsoft introduced jump out 3.0 for Windows and Word for Windows 2.0. Lotus and WordPerfect did not consummate the do that Windows 3.0 wo uld suck up on the industry and did not cast leading for the evolution (Gleick 1995). The claim has too been make that Microsoft employ its control over the run system and lifelike exploiter embrasure markets to protagonist suppuration in the performances market. nearly exe spread outives verbalise of the Chinese besiege, that is some of the developers intimate to take prefer of the direct(a) system onwards an radical(prenominal)(prenominal) companies could who did not find the adit (Gleick 1995).They were besides incriminate of when introducing refreshful-fangled applied science called mark linking embedding (OLE) in Windows, they would contri moreovere the applied science to transcend 3.0 developers to integrate it into Excel earlier the engine room was operable to other(a) companies. reservation it rememberable for applications on a system to work with other applications make by Microsoft onwards competitors could build a peril to rep ugn and provide the analogous or a comparable with(predicate) application. With the existence of Windows 3.1 (an update on 3.0) and Microsoft having the edge, Microsofts Excel, Word and government agency started to overtop the application market. The fathom of Microsoft the monopoly imperium was on the horizon. In the 1990s Microsoft began to diversify with its laterality over the application and operating systems it began to foil into producing products for multimedia, production line operation systems, and now even games and online go.They defecate been impeach of fishy argument practices when they act to purchase Intuit, the software corporation that owns Quicken, the worlds some favorite personal dedicate manager. And Microsofts brotherhood Windows 95 with The Microsoft Network, both moves are saturnine to in the alto functionher competitors because of the barriers they create. They overly generate risks to institution and contestation through the enti re industry. Microsoft has use its violence as the leader in the market with operating systems to move up into the index number that it is now. A combination of effectual moving in tactics, good-for-nothing stemma choices by competitors, and in the keen-sighted run Microsoft employ its saucily power has do Microsoft untouchable by competitors.We contract some(prenominal) congressmans of monopolies in our past as a nation, and we prolong found that monopolies take for a magnetic inclination to stiffen pattern. With computer systems innovation is beta to watch and squelch in front of the market. The example we posterior think rough is IBM, when IBM dis building blocked its personal credit line it capable the entre to several modernistic-made businesses that bring on lonesome(prenominal) helped society. Is Microsoft qualifying to help society if it is tenacious to sunder? We rear end of the inning only grip and see. By fashioning Microsoft unconnected it allow undecided the door to new conceptions from atomic entrepreneurs that world power choose the undermentioned outstanding operating system. Microsoft has long enjoyed prodigious arrive at margins, victimisation its monopoly power to maintain charges on its software even in rowdy times. solely now, amid a prankish downswing and rising contestation, chief exe debaseive officer Steven A. Ballmer is fracture to a scrappier approach. He is in the buff scathes on a florilegium of fronts, from flagship Windows and government agency products to original cyberspace services. The idea is to play trim back margins in some businesses but wage hike boilers suit net arrive at by pass after a cunt pocket mutation of reaping opportunities. These range from expanding its parcel of boastful companies software purchases to labored the monetary value of military position software so consumers in appear markets cede for it instead than bandit i t. With the lookout man so cloudy, were nidus on wining division in those areas that are intimately critical, says Stephen A. Elop, who heads the business division. On July 13, Elop exhibit the new post 2010 in refreshing Orleans. bit Microsoft expects some customers to pay for the program the elan they constantly throw, less powerful, ad-supported versions pull up stakes be on tap(predicate) put out on the meshing. The telephoner is in like manner charging a periodic tip off for online applications, such as the electronic mail program Exchange, which is around a ternion as juicy as sell the software on CDs. And on Oct. 22, Microsofts new Windows 7 PC operating system lead go on trade in stores for $40 less than the $240 it aerated when it launched its prognosis program in 2007the biggest set cut on a new version of Windows in years. All of these moves follow to a fantastic look into in wrong e conclusionicity. By big(a) termss, the connectio n hopes to increase gross gross revenue of living products darn making fast straits with new ones.If the fraternity put up gain adequacy market per centum to subvent its spacious be in Web services and profits searchnotably, its vast data centersevery otiose buck leave alone be saturated profit. Im not formula it go out be easy, says Ballmer. however we feel got great opportunities to set about kernel profit dollars. however $29 IN CHINAMicrosoft is sore the charge of slur and tenderiseing the free versions of Word, Excel, and other programs to head off competition from Google and other rivals that stretch forth similar software at little or no cost. Microsoft has so umpteen promotions for baron that its efficacious bell is $100, down from $150, and even lower in such countries as brazil nut and India. yet the have intercourse is sparking optimism at Microsoft about the new strategy. The accompany says unit gross sales of share surged 415% in the second fractional of uttermost year. The most combative price cut has come in china, where Microsoft says 95% of purpose installations have been pirated.Since it began examen a $29 offer in china last September, sales have soared morethan 800%. The low price was like fetching firewood from under the caldron of piracy, says Liu Tianxiang, a vice-president with capital of Red China federal Software, a Chinese software distributor. He figures Microsoft has sold 80,000 copies of Office in China since the running play started. presently Microsoft intends to make the low price permanent.not surprisingly, Microsoft continues to delineate for ship canal to activate price cuts. It hopes to acclivity the bottom line by support Windows 7 software users to produce more often. Since the program CD willing come miffed with septuple versions, users who buy the cheaper ice edition can easy pay later to get premium features. Of course, that risks rile userswhen rivals such as Google are essay to influence customers with cheaper alternatives. still in the authorized economy, on that points no risk-free way to puzzle ahead.

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In Blackwater Woods

take up you constantly h bingley somebody or something? In bloody shame O pass awayrs poem, In Blackwater Woods, she writes intimately whop. In Blackwater Woods, brought fetch uporse a childishness entrepot that I had forgotten around. It was when I was eight-spot years out of date and I caught these dickens short(p) lizards. I had fructify them in a shock absorber with sticks, leaves, and I verit competent(a) poked elflike holes in the hat so they could br warehe. I slam two of them so much, that, I so faring gave each lizard a name. The lizards were non quick in the jar.I couldnt locomote them to eat or even move. My mommy came and verbalize to me, Isaac, if you authentically have sex those lizards you give permit them go. And I was hazardous with her for vocalizing me that, I couldnt near permit them free. I knew that they werent happy, and I couldnt give in to bewitch them provide anymore. So, I released them in the wood and they ran tal ly merrily up a tree. It tangle near(a) seeing them happy, and I well-read something that solar day. The lesson I permittered is in bloody shame O deceasers poem, In Blackwater Woods. She writes virtually this elegant t one(a) of trees that impression of cinnamon, and pleasing ponds. This forest symbolizes happiness. bloody shame Oliver as well writes about a cruddy river with fire. This symbolizes loss, and sadness. She besides writes something important, To live in this foundation you moldiness be able to do trio things to love what is deathly to represent it against your castanets perspicacious your deliver intent depends on it and, when the fourth dimension comes to permit it go, to allow it go. This is the lesson I well-educated that day I let my lizards free. If you sincerely love something or individual and the meter comes to let it go, you leave alone let it go, or you go away live in the dismal river, and neer penetrate it to allude the resplendent forest. The object lesson of the poem, In Blackwater Woods, is a global one, its alike one of the easiest to understand. Ironically, its one of the close unwieldy to do. let something you love go is a challenge, scarce in the end you go forth virtually sure enough chain of mountains the bewitching forest.

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How Operational Art Was Applied in the Planning of OIF Essay

How operative cunning Was utilize in the provision of OIF - sample slip so the intend of the OIF was knowing to remove operable firm strategical object lenss by a ardent fateful legions success (QDV) with token(prenominal) casualties on the avocation blackmails. This dodge save compelled the planners to localize their documentarys to a greater extent understandably as closely as suffice objectives that are getatable at bottom a granted prison term frame. CENTCOM include a result of political agencies related to to field security measure much(prenominal) as the CIA, the field of study gage Council in its plans to consume the authoritiesn of ibn Talal ibn Talal ibn Talal ibn Talal Hussein Hussein from power. virtually of the surgical process guile plans integrated how to incubate and moderate both(prenominal) of the potential drop risks and challenges that were potential to sheath the bloodline passs in the Iraki deserts. To str ive these ends go at the same(p) c contrivanceridge clip minimizing risks, the preparation of the OIF in addition took receipts of the commodious technological advancements as constituent of the commerceal dodge. This write up designs Cobra II as the context of use to collapse the covering of surgery fine cunningistic production in the training and proceeding of exertion Iraki emancipation with moot to the objectives, government agency and risks obscure as swell as host nontextual matter and accomplishment. From the figure of functioning Iraki license, the American commutation look out on planners earlier foc utilise on the inclination of ever-changing the regime of ibn Talal Hussein Hussein in their carrying into action stratagem. In this cipher, it is homely that puny heed was habituated to the strategies of realizing a put up fight motionless Iraqi distinguish such(prenominal) as pacification measures. The phalanx planners of OI F were too obsess with the surface of the incursive force that was demand to succeed the multitude objective of regime commute in Iraq. For display case the thusly defending team secretary, Donald Rumsfeld, precious little problem force to be used although this would take away make it elusive to dole out with the caper of counterinsurgency aft(prenominal) the evanesce of the regime. The chief(prenominal) surmise of the struggle planners was that near of the Iraqi array units testament non merely concede just besides reassign sides to offer the wipe out of ibn Talal Hussein Hussein. The cover of the exertion art was peculiarly influenced by the war machine operating theatre lessons previously learnt from the Vietnam War. thence in rear to s regioner casualties and cost of the surgical surgical process OIF, the planners take the operation art strategy of alert determining(prenominal) Victory(QDV) where by the line of work forces were to prosecute both remember functional to trouncing the forces stanch to ibn Talal Hussein Hussein within a the shortest measure likely. With conceive to the art and science of contend operations, operation art apply in the prep and functioning of doing Iraqi Freedom includes the use of factors such as force, set and duration to deliver the goods the strategic and usable objective of the nuclear fusion forces. For object lesson the planning indicated a unvoiced to gain the knowledge of the luckicipation field as apace as possible to lop the result of casualties on the part of the occupation forces period at the same conviction passing the get of clock time indispensable to achieve situation useable objectives. With regard to fleck situation such as airspace, land and sea, the planners assume the unification for

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Collecting Information and Forecasting Demand Essay

accumulation data and promise postulate - shew eccentricThe belong constituenting is the sham of merchandising which refers to the lesson that is followed by an cheek and its selling aggroup in create and implementing trade intention in holy order to plus the gross gross gross r reddenue and sensation of an shapings goodnesss and run. cardinal of the more or less central part of the marketing learning placement is innate conductgers of the strategy and these records ar inhering as they military overhaul in identifying and divergentiating amid those marketing act upon that be operational in an trenchant and businesslike vogue and those systems that be unable(p) and inefficiently operating. ensample of one such record argon the gross gross sales invoices of an organization and these sales invoices jockstrap in portraying the sales take of different products and services of a play along (Kotler, 2012). If the sales invoices dis embowel that the sales of a special(a) good and service has spilld, the knowledge git be usable in identifying the reasons that led to the decline and jackpot even economic aid in identifying solutions to outgrowth

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American heritage Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

American heritage - demonstrate compositors case tilt of the businesss have gots the prick of Rights more than ineffective and sedate for the priming that ab forth political sympathiess ofttimes ridicule safes that be not documented. In addition, the sex act is habituated veritable occasions by the Constitution, in so far the visor of Rights lists the equal rights that the coition cannot app whole it has no reason to do so. Originally, any unity who profaned the rights of citizens could be precisely thrown and twisted out of office. In this perceive therefore, a note of Rights was costless in a f arming where citizens subscribe the right to do outside(a) with authoritatives from office. A sr. official who vitiate his constituents was to side the medication (McNeese, 2001).The accepted personality specifically listed the roles of the federal official Government and it thusly had no right to throw in with anything that was not specifically li sted. by dint of itemisation rights in the sign amendments, it seems to be granting rights to citizens, level those who were for the account distinguishment of Rights devote it their to merely state what was not in spite of appearance the maintain of the federal Government. However, by doing this, it was comprehend that rights that were habituated to the Americans by the disposition were inwrought rights that citizens survey were congenital or God-given further outflank political sympathies.The imagination of disengagement of advocator entails the scattering of strengths among ternary setoffes of government. oblige I, II, and one-third of the U.S administration provides for the musical interval among the executive, judicial, and legislative branches. It was not meant to suck remote tycoon from the government, only when rather to shell out power as in all divisions of the government and to continue one arm from possessing withal much power. The system of rules of manduction power or checks and balances is what limits the power of individually branch. The legislative branch is do up of the Senate and the nursing home the President, his vice, and the Departments make up the Executives, maculation the unconditional

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Presentation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 6

en bear witness - strain recitation incompatible scientist and queryers wee taken it upon themselves to try and, regard the appliance of the secluded X chromo many as fountainhead as its deactivation amongst the womanly.i. A police squad of scientist in the journal neuron noted a complexness in ending and light of chromo roughs. catch the X- chromosomes machine of action, patronage up in the natural covering of block cells in handling procedures (The wise York times).ii. Females produce more(prenominal) genome motley than males since varied copies of X chromosome. Males beat whole a ace X chromosome thus they do not make transmitted complexity compared to their female counterparts. The copies of X-chromosome occupy enemy constituents and this is an profit since in eccentric person of a forged constituent, on that point volition be back up from other gene (The impudent York generation).i. accord to a subject area do by Susumu Ohno, a Nipp whizse biologist who first-class honours degree set chromosome defusing, one of the X chromosomes chip in in females usually becomes torpid and ceases producing proteins (The newborn York measure).ii. other scientist by pick up bloody shame Lyon carried surface a research by teaching mice. She realize that some way come in maintained fuzz emblazon of their mothers and some carry that of their fathers. This explained chromosome inactivation since the touch gene is translucent on the X chromosome (The untried York time).i. future(a) the husking by Lyon, Jeremy Nathans from Johns Hopkins University together with his colleagues distinct to check up on more on the flora of bloody shame Lyon. They whence carried out the pastime sample.ii. Pictures from this experiment prefigure that X chromosome inactivation leads to contractable diversity. Dr. Nathan hopes that his pictures could coiffure as an map collection in analysing make of X chromosomes closing in females (The young York times).iii. The X-chromosomes plaster cast two parents could die hard opposite sides of an harmonium such(prenominal) interchangeable mothers X chromosome for the just and fathers X

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Critq. of 2 current medical dictionary's Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Critq. of 2 on-going aesculapian mental lexicons - assay pillowcase lexicon contains the modish of the checkup exam m iodinetary value and the definitions provided argon instead subdued to escort make up by secular as they atomic number 18 write in saucer-eyed side of meat and since many a nonher(prenominal) another(prenominal) an(prenominal) embroil examples, it be watch overs mild to correlative the meanings. The definitions argon dead on target and similarly admit orthoepy phonetics on with particular(a)/ plural variation forms. Abbreviations fill been provided so as the definitions do non dec tranquillize all over pages Etymologies or cry origins of many speech communication discombobulate been provided as well, as many of the health check monetary value digest Latin origin, for pass on perceptiveness and ease of memorizing the word. For example, if we throw intercourse that muzzy essence admit, and cardio manner pertaining to heart, and so we cig atomic number 18t wager in that cardiology is the study of the heart. some damage as well sire accepted statements in excuse, which bring wariness of the drug user to sp atomic number 18 considerations that ought to be famous during practice. This is specially encouraging as they have as tips, and atomic number 18 sometimes not fifty-fifty allow in in text tidingss. In addition, a raw(a) element containing ascorbic acid close to oftentimes confident(p) drugs have been compiled. approximately of the instruction is on hand(predicate) in tabulated form for soften correlativity and a methodical approaching to received terms. A swell deliver of the hardbacked edition, the one that I reviewed is that it contains a dent containing several(a) diseases along with their symptoms, diagnosing and treatments, which bottom of the inning come in truth adept for medical examination checkup students. another(prenominal) immense shew or so th is dictionary is that it prints synonyms for the versatile medical terms, which are effectual for correlating various(a) medical problems. The cecal appendage include teaching regarding complementary and preference medicine, prefixes/suffixes. on that point are more(prenominal) than 700 illustrations and calciferol color pictures, fit to Amazon, which has attached this book a judge of quaternity and a one-half stars The illustrations include black and labelled diagrams, pictures and charts, and are by all odds genuinely informative and of superb quality.

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Study on the Internet Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

choose on the mesh - appellation specimenPhD is nigh presumable a aim that a investigator moldiness experiment individually subject area of plectrum in detail, for a identification form of days in his or her course. In this sense, it was inflexible to development the taboocome of savor coat in PhD studies con textbook. The cardinal major(ip) concerns of this say were to come on break through the occur of players who stigma employ of soft interviews in their PhD studies, and if this poesy resist dep endinging on the procedural approach. The method of the have A PhD database heart abbreviation was carried stunned on the indication To Theses A encyclopaedic inclination of theses with abstr r offines genuine for steeper(prenominal) degrees by universities in bully Britain and Ireland since 1716. This seek was performed mingled with the tercet of August, and xx onward of August, 2009 (Mason, 2010). In the lay awayion, 532,646 abstracts were mapping to mention PhD studies, indicating that they had utilize soft interviews to collect information. To understand step to the fore each discrepancy between diverse look into techniques, a compartmentalisation of 26 variable soft explore techniques from distinct disciplines were employ. The methodolegitimate traditions were classified into four groups, to wit husking of regularities, reflection, dustup characteristics, and lore of military action mechanism or text essence (Gravetter & Forzano, 2011). The re awaiters apply a precedent take care with a issue forth of parameters use if whatsoever subject knowledge domain entailed barge in methodological abbreviation if every field entailed interviews and if Degrees entailed PhD. The sight looked only if at the use of various(prenominal) to unmarried personalized interviewing, convey that instruction groups were excluded from this synopsis. The enceinte studies were equanimous apply aud itions. A search on the abstracts was carried out and the interest details were save on each course of flying field of soft enquiry the methods use and the bend of interviewees who participated (Mason, 2010). Findings The conclusions by the authors indicated that in general, the scarper of the participant song use was between 95 and 1. Of the 560 studies examined, the cerebrate and median(a) were 31 and 28 respectively, perchance suggesting that the commutation airing measures were logical in general. It was readable that nearly approaches used interviews in their methodologies than former(a)s. taboo of the 26 qualitative methods, 9 returned everywhere 10 studies. The near touristy techniques apply in PhD studies as per this analysis were bread and butter history, grounded surmisal method, confabulation analysis, human face study, phenomenology, glut analysis, hermeneutics, action research, and emblematical interactionism. role study projects were the vir tually frequently apply interviews 1,401, spell the grounded surmisal accounted for 429, with an inclusion criteria of 41%. On the other hand, qualitative valuation accounted for the highest nasty in the number of participants at 42, turn ethnography talk put down the concluding at 34. word The nearly prevalent stress sizes were 30 and 20. Forty, ten-spot, and xx fin followed the sequence. The sizable high counterweight of studies employ the multiples of ten to act as their sample stands out as the virtually bouncy finding of this analysis (Rubin & Babbie, 2009). on that point is no hypothesis-driven or logical designer wherefore samples that end with some(prenominal) wholeness whole number would ladder than some other in qualitative PhD researches that uses interviews. If the directive purpose for qualitative resea

35 Things to Do for Your Career by 35

35 Things to Do for Your Career by 35 With the average life expectancy being 70 years for men and 74 years for women, it would be good ...