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The role of men in The house of the Spirits and in Chronicle of a Essay

The role of men in The house of the Spirits and in Chronicle of a Death Foretold - Essay Example Truth be told in both of these novels, men do play important roles but the way women function and become the focus point is highly commendable on their part. The clear irony is that though the men feel that they are the decision makers, the women seem to always get their way. This is especially shown in â€Å"The House of the Spirits† where the novel is written by a woman. Isabel Allende, the author of â€Å"House of the Spirits† enumerates on the myth and magic in addition to the politics of her homeland especially in her portrayal of men as only accessories to the women’s’ lives, where men only exist because of the women. However, In Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s â€Å"Chronicle of a Death Foretold† the women are honored or enjoy an honorable status, but they do not replace the men, and in this novel are still considered as housewives, and are trained to be so. The women acknowledge this fact because their only goal in life is marriage, which clearly shows that it was a sexist society. This point is clearly brought out in the following sentences. â€Å"The brothers were brought up to be men. The girls had been reared to get married. They knew how to do screen embroidery, sew by machine, weave bone lace, wash and iron, make artificial flowers and fancy candy, and write engagement announcements.† (p30). The above s entences show how these women based or dedicated their whole life to their men and did not mind suffering as long as they were married. As a matter of fact these women exhibited their suffering, just to prove how committed they were. This can be seen in the following statement which says, - â€Å"Any man will be happy with them because they’ve been raised to suffer.† This also goes to show, that love is rarely an important dimension to their marriage in the first place. On the other hand, the men in â€Å"Chronicle of a Death Foretold† however, although not often married through the strong bond of love, are extremely overprotective of their women, whether

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Barriers, Risks and value creation by E-learning in Kingdom of Saudi Research Proposal

Barriers, Risks and value creation by E-learning in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Higher Education - Research Proposal Example Learning is like a change in behavior, the way some thinkers happen to interpret it as. Hence, when a new program is introduced in the purview of the people, it can either be welcomed with open arms, or it can be morbidly rejected. A similar innovation of E-Learning was introduced at the start of the century, which involved the basic application of all forms to technologies to proliferate the spread of education in all parts of the world. E-learning is naturally suited to distance learning and flexible learning, but can also be used in conjunction with face-to-face teaching, in which case the term Blended learning is commonly used. It had already been viewed that education is the most vital way of bringing about growth in competitiveness and knowledge in the various countries; with some amount of international cooperation, there is no knowing as to how far and wide education could have spread. Education has managed to influence the various branches and super structures of society in a major fashion. Education has evolved as a very clientele based service in the modern day and E-Learning has evolved as the apt way of providing the right kind of service provider to the clients, who are the learners or students. In the fast paced world it has proved to provide the right kind of time management that goes between learning and providing services. Technology is omnipresent, omniscient, and omnipotent. Humans have thus been able to derive the best out of this in the current century. Education is the key determination to enhancing modern technology needs through individuals to reduce the time period between the disbursement of funds and receiving products and services. To provide more options for consumer to access information that could not be reached. The development of computers and electronic communications has removed barriers of space and time. We can obtain and deliver knowledge anytime anywhere so Individuals who were disadvantaged for

35 Things to Do for Your Career by 35

35 Things to Do for Your Career by 35 With the average life expectancy being 70 years for men and 74 years for women, it would be good ...