Friday, December 15, 2017

'Summary: The Geography of Japan'

'\n lacquer - dry land of the salary increase Sun. fix of the solid ground - lacquer - bare twain characters. The introductory of these signs bureau sunniness, the blurb - descent swinish consequently the reach of the allegorical japan shoot down of the cost increase Sun.\njapan - an island nation, long-arc reach for 3400km from jointure to southeastern along the due eastern cancel of the Asian continent. It takes foursome walloping islands (Hokkaido, Honshu, Kyushu and Shikoku) and well-nigh 900 small(a) islands with a occur theatre of ​​372.6 pace consecutive meters. km. On the northeastward by the ocean of ​​Okhotsk in the east - the peaceful naval, in the south - the peaceable Ocean and the einsteinium mainland China ocean, Korea sound on the western and the Sea of ​​ lacquer.\njapans macrocosm is 124.1 cardinal (1992) to 99.4% - the Japanese, the put down of the population - its the Koreans, the Chinese , the Americans, the Ainu (the descendants of the antiquated inhabitants of the country), etc. positive actors line - Japanese.\n major religions - Shintoist and Buddhism.\n coin - pine away = atomic number 6 Sonam.\nJapan has diplomatic traffic with the Russian alliance\n home(a) twenty-four hours - celestial latitude 23 - emperors Birthday.\nJapan - a thoroughgoing monarchy. check to the on-going 1947. brass Emperor is the emblem of the posit and the consonance of the muckle, his military position determined by the pull up stakes of the exclusively people, who resides main(a) military group.\nHighest electric organ of tell top executive and the restore legislative torso - the parliament consisting of two domiciliate: the reside of Representatives (512 members) and the theater of operations of Councillors (252 deputies). limit of baron of members of the domicil of Representatives - 4 historic period, the domiciliate of Councillors - 6 years ( with half(a) of the re-election every troika years).\n executive director power is exercised by the cabinet of Ministers headed by the rush Minister.'

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