Thursday, May 16, 2019

Competing Visions Paper 2 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Competing Visions Paper 2 - Es hypothecate ExampleIf Keene and ODonnells argument ar to be used in cartroad the give tongue to, the state becomes an agent of oppression that perpetuate the interest of those who have over those who do not have. The state no longer becomes an instrument of yetice but rather an institution of oppression that rules with tyranny. Such is not the function of the political sympathies. Government is supposed to rule everybody and everybody should have a stake and say in the government and not only those who have properties.Keene and ODonnells argument be also impractical. Suppose for the saki of argument that we will only let those who bear the burden of the state to have a say in it. What atomic number 18 going to do with those who do not have property? Are we just going to ignore them? Marginalize them? They happen to consist a very significant portion of society. We each(prenominal) know today that if we marginalize a certain sector of society th at they will eventually dislike it. Thus, an unjust society as proposed by Keene and ODonnell will just create a loving volcano and make the society combustible as it breeds dissent among those who do not have a say. Eventually, a revolution or uprising will happen just like in any(prenominal) other society in history where the people eventually revolted against an oppressive state and the powers that be, including those who are privileged, are either deposed or harmed.Such policy also further the gaps between those who are propertied and those who are not. In the long run, society will no longer be sustainable because it does not essay to empower others to become propertied also that they may be able to share the burden of the state. In this kind of society that Keene and ODonnell proposes, peoples station are static. Meaning, if you are poor, you will be poor all your life without any chance of improving your lot. So your kind multiplies while those who are propertied become g reatly outnumbered. Until it becomes a point that those who

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