Friday, May 24, 2019

Important Committees and Their Heads Essay

1. U.C. Banerjee Commission - Enquiry into Godhra carnage (railways) 2. Sarkaria Commission Centre-State relations 3. Srikrishna Commission 1992 Bombay riots 4. Thakkar Commission Indira Gandhi assassination case 5. Malhotra perpetration restitution Reforms 6. Ajay Vikram Singh committee Faster promotions in army 7. Rajinder Sachar delegacy 1 Companies and MRPT Act 8. Rajindar Sachar Committee 2 Report on the social, economic and educational status of the Muslims of India 9. Jyoti Basu Committee Report on Octroi abolition 10. Sawant Committee Enquiry on corruption, charges against ministers & Anna Hazare 11. Chelliah Committee Eradicating black money 12. Kothari Commission Educational reforms 13. Wanchoo Committee tax revenue enquiry 14. Rangarajan Committee Reforms in private sector15. Chakravarti Committee Banking sector reforms 16. G.V.Ramakrishna Committee Disinvestment in PSU shares 17. Kelkar Committee First committee on backward castes 18. Godbole Committee Enron Power toil 19. Rangarajan Committee Statistics 20. Wardha Committee Inquiry on murder of Graham Staines 21. N.N. Vohra Committee Criminalization of politics 22. Kelkar Committee 2 Direct-Indirect Taxes 23. Narasimham Committee Banking sector reforms 24. Chelliah Committee Tax reforms 25. Mashelkar Committee National Auto Fuel Policy 26. Yashpal Committee Review of School Education system 27. Ram Nandan Prasad Committee Constitution of creamy layers among feebleminded Castes 28. Kelkar Committee3 Enquiry on Kargil defense deals.29. Thorat Committee Caste-based discrimination against students in AIIMS 30. R.K.Raghavan Committee Ragging in colleges 31. James Lyngdoh Committee - Student politics and student-body elections in colleges. 32. E.M.S. Nachiappan Committee Reforms in the higher judiciary 33. Soli Sorabjee Committee Police Reforms it was constituted after the Judgement of the Supreme Court in Parkash Singh vs Union of India (2006) 34. Fali S. Nariman Committ ee - right and damages with regard to destruction of public property 35. Raghuram C. Rajan Committee - financial sector reforms 36. Tarkunde Committee - composition of the Election Commission and other electoral reforms 37. Dinesh Goswami Committee - electoral reforms

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