Monday, May 20, 2019

Like Water for Chocolate: A Summary Essay

Revolutions throughout measure have established change of traditions as the normal occurrence throughout our history. Revolutions in households ca likewise occur when traditions that are contrary to ones desire interfere with the values of another. In the falsehood Like Water for Chocolate, a revolution develops between mother and daughter, Mama Elena and Tita. It is the family traditions, Mama Elenas miss of understanding of Tita and Titas will to break free that sparks the revolution between them. Family traditions play an important constituent in the cause of Titas rebellion against her mother. Tradition states that the youngest daughter (in this case Tita) must not marry, entirely must take care of their mother until she dies. Tita struggles against her mothers tradition to serve her until the day she dies, without having a life of her own.Tita did as her mother told even when it made her unhappy. Tita felt smothered by her overbearing mother. Se wanted something more out o f life then just taking care of her mother, which is whys he was constantly defying family traditions. An example would be when Titas sister Rosaura was unable to commit her son Roberto. Tita however was able to feed him despite not being his mother, defying standards being a mother should feed her own son. Tita was constantly onerous to be her own person to make something out of herself that had nothing to do with her mother. When Tita left after Robertos death, she wanted nothing to do with her mother, but despite her efforts when she found out that her mother had become deactivate she soon returned home to help her and take care of her. Tita desperately fights for her freedom and love, while Mama Elena stands as a prime opposition that prevents her from living her dream.

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