Thursday, May 30, 2019

Oppression in Aunt Jennifer’s Tigers Essay -- Aunt Jennifer’s Tigers A

Oppression in Aunt Jennifers TigersComposed in three carefully rhyme stanzas, the poem can firstly seeman homage to the speakers skills in stitching a panel with tigers.However, a detailed reading reveals images and symbols that put forward arelation of oppression concerning Aunt Jennifer and her husband.The tigers of Aunt Jennifers stitchings are representative of herfree spirit, how she pines for freedom from her burdensome husband.The bright topaz denizens of green evokes the genial image ofmajestic tigers not bound by the whims of another being. They do notfear the men below the tree, something that Aunt Jennifer cannot doin her touching reality because of her oppressors looming presence.She produces her tigers under his control, represented by The massiveweight of Uncles wedding band that / Sits heavily upon her hand.Physically a wedding ring is light, solely this one has a massiveweight heavily sitting on her hand. These images construct anopposition between the couple as a woman she has a creative force,but her husband, represen...

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