Thursday, June 13, 2019

Final Stat Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words - 1

Final Stat - Assignment Example cipher Since the Q3 for Quiz 1 is 95 and Q3 for Quiz 2 is 90. Quiz 2 has 25% of students 90 and supra whereas the Quiz 1 has Q3 as 95 which center 90 starts even before Q3. So Quiz 1 has more students whose score is 90 and above.Work Since the Q2 for Quiz 1 is 60 and Q2 for Quiz 2 is 50. Quiz 1 has 50% of students below 60 whereas the Quiz 2 has Q2 as 50 which means some students above this range has below score 60. So it is more than 50%Here n(A)=200 and n(B)=100 and n(AB)=80 P(A)=n(A)/N=200/ super C=0.2, P(B)=n(B)/N=100/1000=0.1 and P(AB)=n(AB)/N=80/1000=0.08. The probability that a randomly selected junior is taking at least one of these 2 courses is given by(a) Since the opponents serves which she is able to return is the no. of trials , it is 10 and she is able to return is treated as success it is 30% and p=0.3, the probability of success and q=1- probability of failure=1-p=0.7Given that xN(10,2) and define a standard normal variable z=(x- )/=( x-10)/2 which follows N(0,1) so that the probabilities atomic number 50 be obtained form a standard normal table. P(10

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