Monday, June 17, 2019

Metaphors Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 2

Metaphors - Essay ExampleIn the first case study, there is an payoff that is being faced by the managers is the need to hold dowen the line against the senior(a) managers who argon aggressive. This is a great problem because it seriously impacts on their relationship with their subordinates and hence their attitudes and performances in their work. In this sense, it is one of the hindrances towards productivity as most of the employees are expected to work as machines. Using the Morgans use of metaphors to understand the fundamental law is well applied in this scenario. The manager is able to note overcome a few of the Morgans metaphors in his work. They include the art of blowing up in order to defend his people. In this context, he drills the individual and then attacks. In essence, he has identified work as a battle whereby there is a great need to fight in order to ensure that the rights of in all the employees are not violated. It is caused by the element of being in the hea t of the battle to enable an individual to defend their territories hence the need to understand how the organization works. It is with the notion that the work place is a battle field that the manager in this case has devised the proper ways of dealing with his colleagues in such a way that enhances the productivity of all the other employees.The main problem in this case is the need to come up with a new product. It is the principle issue that is causing worries to the director in this organization. It is mainly because the product is required in high degree autonomy. It was also supposed to appear to be an integral element of the existing company. In this sense, the metaphor is created through the use of the symbolic modeling. Ultimately, there is the launch of a central launch pad from which the hot air billow can rise and ascend. Although this balloon was always navigated by the captain, it was always tied to the launch pad. This defined its safety and scope

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