Saturday, July 27, 2019

An Unforgettable Experiences Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

An Unforgettable Experiences - Essay Example Watching a movie together is always fun, we sat holding hands, watching each other more than the movie. He said, After dinner, we went to the Johns bull store so that he would buy me a gift of my choice. This is the quality I value most about him, his acceptance. He never ever imposes his choice on me, be it clothes, or the movie we are going to watch or anything else. He always puts me first and then thinks about himself, what else could I ask for? Seriously, I never expected him to propose me, even though we are going around for some years and we enjoy each other’s company a lot. But whatever happens, happens for good, so, I thanked god in my heart for such a pleasant surprise. Hence, in order to mark this day I chose a promise ring for my self and a David Yurman jewelry set. We walked together hand in hand towards the car both of our hearts full with love and hope. Although I still couldn’t believe he proposed to me, really proposed? We never talked about it before. â€Å"He is going to set up a new branch in Paris as an expansion of his business, and he needs someone whom he can trust, to help him. He has even promised me that if I gain a good understanding about the branch’s operations and management he may make me the manager.† That was the last sentence I spoke that night. He held me while I continued to shed my tears on his shoulder. He assured me that everything will be alright and we can hope for a bright and beautiful future ahead. Then he took my hand and kissed the promise ring, which I was wearing and told me to have faith in our love. In this way, my birthday which has stared with a note of happiness and hope, ended with a note of promise and faith. And now, I can never forget that day, as the memory inspires me to keep going, with faith and makes me strong. Our love grows with each passing day and each passing

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