Thursday, July 25, 2019

BP LAWSUIT Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

BP LAWSUIT - Essay Example The technician reported this as case of child abuse to the police. After this the children’s custody was given to the Arizona Child Protective services for a month, by the government of Arizona. Lisa Demaree got suspended from her job as a school teacher for a year. The Demaree paid the legal fees of $75,000 at the court and proved that they are not guilty. They were cleared from all the charges, but this case made them lost their dignity. Their children’s custody was given back to them on May 21. The Demaree parents claimed that there were only 7 out of 150 pictures which showed little girls with towel around them, exposing some of their nude body parts. The photos showed mild nudity. The Wal-Mart technician misinterpreted, and accused them of child abuse. Richard Treon the lawyer defending the Demaree family said in their support that, there were only seven images subjected to question. These pictures were the one taken in the bathtub and in play time that showed some portion or the outline of genital. (Centor, 2009). Treon made a critical remark on the Child Protective Service saying that it’s the nightmare of every parent that the state has a better idea of parenting their children. He further added that the CPS (Child Protective Service) must find better ways of using their resources. (ross, 2009) As the result of this series of miserable events that caused a great disgrace to the Demaree family, they filed two separate law suits lawsuit. The first one was against the state of Arizona, Peoria and state of attorney general’s office. The Demaree specially accused the assistant attorney general Jennifer hunter, for making libelous comments against the Demarees, at the meeting, where some of their friends and family members came for their support. Lisa Demaree said in an interview to â€Å"Good morning America† that they should have been made aware of the unique policies, if

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