Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Sustainable architecture Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Sustainable architecture - Research Paper Example Sustainable architecture starts with linkage to personal values and involves the social, environmental and economic conditions of a project. Similarly, architectural expression emanates from this desire, responding to certain watershed, locations, sites, societies and proximities. The answers to what constitutes sustainable architecture embrace a range as wide and dynamic as the challenges facing the globe and the statements list is as diverse and extensive as the civilization the dominate the world. Sustainable development embraces a balanced sociocultural, ecological and economic progress. The above elements also characterize sustainable architecture. Construction and design is one of the extensive world industries; hence their effects on sustainability are enormous, (Turrent 85). The metropolis and municipalities people have designed and constructed to satisfy their ever-increasing requirements have been unproductively consuming the resources of the earth, while declining to satis fy millions of humans. Sustainable architecture is a necessity if people wish to ensure human and enduring planet existence. Attaining sustainable architecture needs a multifaceted global effort by all countries. Sustainable architectural practices must appear in all places, address various challenges, occur in various levels, function in different contexts, serve various requirements and limitations, be applicable at various scales and use diverse disciplines. Similarly, the possibilities, requirements, potentials are diverse in each nation, similar to levels of education, techniques, industrializations, mechanisms, strategies and motivation. Each nation, person and community, should identify best-suited remedies, and via domestic action contribute to progress at a global level. Sustainable architecture is sweeping change in that it can be attained globally. There are various areas to start, various points to address the challenge, diverse attractive ways to construct structures an d towns and increased effective ways to utilize, replenish and recycle resources. In other words, it ranges from high- tech remedies to low technological strategies, research, advancements, education, industrial achievements, innovation of design, economic aspects, legislative measures and enormous adoption of beneficial practices as principle practices. Significant potential lies in substituting adverse measures with beneficial measures and increasing the advancements in architectural structures and cities all over the globe. Sustainable construction should support better living that incorporates better utilization of land, urban development and construction. Better land use involves preservation of useful, natural areas and ensures health balance amidst constructed and natural environments. Better urban planning entail proficient means of transportation and effective systems of infrastructure – constructed to reduce consumption, garbage and affluence during utilization. Eff icient towns, municipalities and structures, are long lasting, appealing and flexible to other future uses, effective in resource use (energy and raw materials such as recycling after use), and well suited to environmental, human and society needs. Sustainable arch

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