Saturday, October 5, 2019

Affirmative action debate pt2 Thesis Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Affirmative action debate pt2 - Thesis Example The enforcement of affirmative action in admission into universities and higher education for those minority groups in the community will act to motivate those oppressed by the discrimination to join in the campaign for its implementation and to work even harder in school. Children of immigrant parents and children from poor families will benefit from the affirmative action. Awareness creation campaigns can be carried out through the media and at the local government level to ensure that the minority groups understand how they can benefit from the action and can therefore support the debate of implementing this action in all institutions of higher education. There has been existing stereotypes that only whites are high achievers and the elites of the US society. This has been majorly because the other races have not been having equal access to higher education equally as the white people. If affirmative action is enforced therefore, this will soon change and the stereotypes will be abolished. One way of ensuring this is by having the stereotyped races sign petitions for the implementation of this policy. If the signatures are more, the policy can be passed to be a law for all states and all institutions of higher learning. In most employment sectors (especially the prestigious jobs), there is domination by certain genders only and the other minority gender (mostly women) are crowded in lesser positions of authority. This has been the case because fewer women have been accessing certain causes in universities and colleges which may lead them to authority positions in the job market. Most women are concentrated in art courses, home economics and secretarial courses, whereas men are in the managerial and science courses. If affirmative action is present in admission into these institutions, there can be an equal number of men and women in certain professionals hence reducing the discrimination and

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