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Intra-Organizational Collaboration Essay -- Business, Collaborative Or

Intra-organizational Collaboration Organizations need to recognize the necessity to flatten hierarchical structures. In creating a horizontal structure leaders naturally acquire a greater ability to adapt. Leaders need to have an intensive focus on people. Recognizing the need to tie both compensation and advancement potential with individual’s ability to function in a T-shaped management style. Organizations need to be willing to change the way they hire in order to promote intra-organizational collaboration. Horizontal organizations require the establishment of high performance teams that have legitimate decision-making power. Leaders must be on board and willing to walk the talk as it relates to creating a team centric organization. They must invite honest feedback, designing mechanism whereas constituents can deliver honest feedback without fear of reprisal. In organizations of the future leaders need to be brave admitting mistakes openly and using them as opportunities to learn. Leaders also need to understand that feedback in a team centric organization is not a personal attack. Leaders need to treat negative feedback as a simple business case. Team centric leaders should also encourage others and not be afraid to ask for assistance when necessary. (Guttman, 2009, pg.47-51) People First The most important aspect of collaboration is people. As indicated previously one of the guiding principles for this leaders’ guide, â€Å"The successful ventures are truly creative collaborations of talented people committed to beating the odds.† (Hill, 2000, pp. 46) In order to be truly collaborative constituents need to exist in an environment built on mutual trust. This is the only way leaders can establish a team centric cul... ...petency, in order to collaborate better constituents need to have feedback provided on a continuous basis. â€Å"To get any traction, leaders need to set criteria and metrics for cross-unit contributions. Overarching concepts-â€Å"teamwork†-need to be translated into concrete behaviors that are ranked from the least to the most desirable.† Hansen, 2009, pp. 102) The success of any method is contingent upon its execution but one popular method is the 360-analysis. This type of performance analysis allows for a holistic view of a constituents performance both within his or her unit and their impact on the broader organization. â€Å"Leaders pursuing disciplined collaboration practice consequence management: if people perform well both within and across their units, they are promoted. If they fall short on either dimension, they face the consequences.† (Hansen, 2009, pp. 104)

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