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The American Revolution Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

The American Revolution - Essay Example Freedom is one of the basic rights of every person in every nation and is among the longest standing aspirations of the west (McDonald and Hoffmann 143). It is essential to one’s growth as it allows a person to exercise his privileges. However, there was a time in the history that this basic right was suppressed by foreign nations who wanted to enlarge their territories by conquering undiscovered lands. Oppression was their method in order to get by force lands that they want. People resisted their oppression for years, until they woke up one day realizing the importance of liberty. The United States of America nowadays exercises their freedom to the fullest. These liberties are guaranteed by their Constitution through their Bill of Rights (Shain 166). These rights, now enjoyed by the people of America, are the product of years of battle for independence and self-preservation. It is noteworthy to revisit the past and know how difficult it was for the people who shed their lives and blood to get the gift of liberty. Americans nowadays are special because they exercise their freedom to the fullest extent. With the help of the American government, the rights of people are being upheld and afforded protection from any oppression. They are now harvesting the gifts of the bloody American Revolution. This paper will briefly discuss the American Revolution and how they won battle which freed its people and its nation from the oppression of the British. It will also expound on how American people are special for having the gift of independence as quoted by Wood in his book The American Revolution. American Revolution It is worth remembering the past. It is a humble experience to realize what the Americans before did to have free country today. What they planted many years ago was the seed of courage and independence which the Americans nowadays reaped. They fought well not just to reprise from foreign oppression, but to assert their longing for independence. With that, Americans inherited a free nation. For 150 years, the Americans were able to resist the British rule. The American Revolution did not abruptly start. Different events which are cumulative in nature, lead to the eruption of the said war (Burg 3). It involves the global conflicts which affected Europe, Asia and North A merica (Lancaster and Plumb 7). The war broke out on 1754, when the French and American troops clashed in Pennsylvania causing the latter loss. Consequently, France and Great Britain declared war against North America. Americans grew mad upon the imposition of taxes because they knew that such imposts were discriminately applied. This policy was questioned by the Americans for being unconscionable and iniquitous (Bonwick 3). Because of this battle, the isolated groups came together as one. The States formed allies with one another to combat the predicament they were currently facing. These charters, through their meetings, were able to come up with liberal ideas that set the standard of today’s independent United States of America (Lancaster and Plumb Introduction). After the ruthless war and blood shed by the people of the America, George Washington and some of advocates aspired for total independence. Independence on the ways they are going to run the country, and that the people will be able to exercise their natural and moral rights without foreign influence. This means that the people of America may be afforded their full rights and shall be given a safeguard against those who oppressed them. On 2nd of July 1776, the United States of America is declared independent – a free nation. Consequently, Thomas Jefferson, one of the countries prominent statesmen, drafted the declaration of

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