Friday, November 8, 2019

The Size Of Government Example

The Size Of Government Example The Size Of Government – Coursework Example The Size of Government The Size of Government The government of any Nation is has a responsibility of solving problems involving the citizens of the same nation including reduction of poverty, ensuring safety and protection of the citizens from preventable harm, protecting civil liberties and civil rights, creating equal chances of the citizens to succeed. Just like any other institution, there is need for the government to expand in order to much the population of the subjects and be able to offer them optimum services (Cropf, 2008). The society is not made up of isolated individuals who are independently struggling for survival, but a closely woven community in which each one depends on the other. It is without doubt that there is a significant gap between the wealthy and the middle class and the poor in the American society. As such, the conservative view of allowing the government to stay away from the economy and creating a free market would increase this gap even further as it will allow the rich to prey further on the poor. In such a setting, the poor may not be exposed to as many opportunities for development as would the rich. Failure to regulate large corporations would lead to engagement in all forms of practices that would maximize profit at the expenses of the poor employees and consumers (Cropf, 2008). As such, taxation of the wealthy would create an equal opportunity for development and personal growth for the poor in the form of increased job opportunities, cheaper healthcare, and cheaper education. Contrary to the view that a large government burdens the American people, such a government ensures equal distribution of resources to different departments and promotes commitment towards meeting the numerous needs of the citizens while singling out each of the needs (Cropf, 2008).ReferenceCropf, R. A. (2008). American Public Administration: Public Service for the 21st Century (1st ed.). New York: Pearson Longman.

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