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Question: Discuss about theManagement and Business Context for Business Research. Answer: Introduction It is seen that in each and every business there are many challenges that are faced when the activities are operated by the organization. The challenges that are faced by the organization bring hindrance in the activities of the company. It is seen when the changes are implemented in the organization then more challenges arise. Every organization should focus on reducing the challenges that are faced when activities are operated by the organization (Pfeffer, 2014). It is the responsibility of the management to minimize the risks that are prevailing in the organization. The organizational structure of the organization also gives impact on the overall activities of the organization conducted by each and every department of the organization (Christensen, Dhaliwal, Boivie Graffin, 2015). If organizational structure is not proper in the organization then it can be difficult to conduct the activities in a right direction. There are many environmental forces which give influence to the operations of the company. To reduce the issues it is analyzed that the company should take correct decisions so that the activities can be completed in a right direction. It is also seen that if right decisions are not taken by the company it can give direct impact on the overall performance of the company. To minimize the risk it is important for the organization to consider the strategies which are proper so that targets can be achieved by the company. BDO Australia has more than 72000 employees who are managing the activities in more than 1300 offices. The company conducts the activities in more than 161 nations worldwide. The company has an international network which emphasizes on consulting tax and public accounting so that the operations can be conducted in a professional manner. The company is one of the largest in the consultancy sector (BDO Australia, 2017). This paper will focus on the overall organizational structure of BDO and also the factors that hinder the activities of the company. The paper will focus on the overall risks that are seen in the activities of the company and also to enhance the performance of the organization discussion will be made. BDO Analysis According to the activities, each and every organization has its own structure. The organizational structure of BDO is hierarchal and parallel and it helps the company to conduct the activities in a smooth manner. Every department of the company has its own unit of the company in which the roles are set so that activities can be conducted smoothly. The activities that are conducted in the organization are interdependent and each department has a different task to complete (Jackson, Schuler Jiang, 2014). As the company takes into consideration hierarchal and parallel structure to complete the task, it is seen that within the time frame the activities are completed. On the top management, there are boards of directors in many companies who direct the employees to complete the activities within the given time and also feedback is given by them on the basis of the performance. Under each director or the manager, there are subordinates and the employees who conduct the activities in various cities. In different cities, there are many units that take into consideration different activities and it is managed by the manager of each department. The different units are related to natural resources and cyber security (Graham, Hanlon, Shevlin Shroff, 2017). It is essential for the organization to analyze the internal and external environment so that strategies can be implemented accordingly. Without evaluation, it is not possible to implement effective strategies in the organization. There are also many forces which give direct impact on the activities of the organization. By taking into consideration BDO, it is seen that there are many forces which give direct impact on the operations of the company. External factor The negative impact is seen in the activities of the organization just because of the political decisions. This is the only reason due to which the changes are made in the decisions taken by the company. It is analyzed that the factors related to the political are forcing the companies to take into consideration innovative ideas so that operations can be conducted in a smooth manner (Bitner, Patr?cio, Fisk Gustafsson, 2015). There are many rules and regulations which are related to tax and modification in the government formation in the last past years. To analyze the activities and to control it in a proper way is one of the complicated tasks as there are many procedures and rules on which the company gives focus. It is seen that Australia is one of the developed nations and the overall impact is seen in the crisis related to economic. It is analyzed that BDO activities are grounded on the changes that are concerned with the economic condition and also it is concerned with the fina nce (Cen, Maydew, Zhang Zuo, 2017). To control the economic conditions it is important for the company to focus on customized planning so that it can be beneficial for both the customers and the company. It is analyzed that there are various modifications which take place in the society and also it is essential to satisfy the overall demand of the consumers. There are many companies who are on the small scale and are demanding for more consultancy services related to the overall financial status. Just due to this demand it is seen that the opportunities are enhanced effectively. If opportunities are enhanced when it can be seen that growth can be achieved easily in the market. It is seen that in the technology sector the changes are made which is concerned with the accounting and finance. It has become essential for the organizations to take into consideration the technologies that are installed in a proper way by focusing on the accounting software. If proper technology is considered then it can be beneficial for the company to give a good experience to their customers. It is essential for the company to focus on the strategies concerned with the technologies so that overall competitive advantage can be attained (Devereux, Lockwood Redoano, 2008). Also in this sector, the competition level is changed and it is not easy for the organizations to achieve growth in the market. Internal forces It is evaluated that demand of the employees has changed and it has enhanced in the market. With the increase in the demand of the employees, it has created a major problem for the companies to enhance the overall satisfaction level of the customers. In Australia recruitment of the employees is the major problem for the organization. It is essential for the company to emphasize on the enhancing the skills of the workers so that if any issue arises it can be managed in a proper manner. Training should also be given to the employees so that activities can be conducted smoothly (Haff Triplett, 2015). The company has given focus on the new training programs so that skills can be enhanced by the employees. By considering the new technologies it will help the employees to complete the task in a proper manner (Liu, Gong, Zhou Huang, 2017). One of the best strategies is HRM strategy that will help the company to accomplish the goals and objectives. Marketing should also be considered so that the wants of the customers can be satisfied. Conclusion By analyzing the paper it is analyzed that BDO is one of the biggest company who helps the consumer in giving solutions to their problems. The issues that arise in the organization can be managed by taking proper decisions so that performance of the employees can also be maintained. The impact on the company is seen due to the internal and external forces. The company can focus on the functional units so that the strategies can be achieved effectively. References BDO Australia. (2017) Our people. [Online]. Retrieved from: Bitner, M. J., Patr?cio, L., Fisk, R. P., Gustafsson, A. (2015). Journal of service research special issue on service design and innovation: developing new forms of value cocreation through service.Journal of Service Research,18(1), 3. Cen, L., Maydew, E. L., Zhang, L., Zuo, L. (2017). Customersupplier relationships and corporate tax avoidance.Journal of Financial Economics,123(2), 377-394. Christensen, D. M., Dhaliwal, D. S., Boivie, S., Graffin, S. D. (2015). 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