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Nanobots Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Nanobots - Research Paper ExampleThis essay examines the nanobot in terms of its purpose, function, development, as well as the moral and honor fit concerns related to its implementation in the contemporary and future world environments. Analysis What is this technology? Nanobots atomic number 18 the product of nanotechnology. This is technology that functions within exceptionally small landmark namely within a nanometer (10?9 meters). The field of nanorobotics implements nanotechnology in the creation and engineering of robotic devices ranging in sizing from 0.1-10 micrometers. These robots are recognized to also be composed of micro or nano processors or components. When one considers that in the mid-20th century the only computers that existed filled a room, the emergence of much(prenominal) nanotechnology measures only a half-century subsequent is a tremendous technological advance. Nanotechnology is created from a bottom up process where the technology is created one atom at a time, allowing developers to achieve the astoundingly small size requirements. Currently nanorobotic technology is in a proto-stage, as primitive molecular machines have been developed. thither are also sensors that measure only 1.5 nanometers that are able to identify specific molecules in a chemical conglomerate. Even while nanobots remain largely in the formative development stages, its recognized that in the upcoming decade they will increasingly become a part of our daily lives. Purpose of this technology and its effect on peoples lives There are a great variety of potential implementations for nanorobotic technology. Perhaps the most prominent use of this technology has been potential implications of it in combating cancer cells. Indeed, recent running procedures have been conducted wherein nanobots were able to enter a human and eliminate cancer cells. Describing the function of these nanobots in combating cancer, researcher Mark Davis notes, It sneaks in, evades the im mune system, delivers the siRNA, and the disassembled components exit out (Gizmodo). Essentially, these nanobots are able to enter the human body and deliver RNAi sequences to cancerous cells these are ribonucleic acid interferences that attack malignant cancer cells. Professor Sylvain Martel, Director of the Nanorobotics Laboratory at Polytechnique Montreal has also foregrounded significant developments of nanobots for the treatment of cancer. While Professor Martels treatment of cancer is much in like with researcher Mark Davis there are a number of notable innovative differences. Its noted that, Using a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) system, his team successfully guided microcarriers compressed with a dose of anti-cancer drug through the bloodstreamright up to a targeted area in the liver, where the drug was successfully administered (Science Daily). In these regards, the notable understanding is that this technology is able to improve chemoembolization by treating cancerous c ells without exposing the unaffected adjacent tissue to the medications toxic effects. In amplification to specific implications on cancer treatment, nanobots are also believed to have the potential of aiding humans avoid invasive surgery through entering the body and conducting such amendments. Furthermore, the emergent study of nanomedibots is believed to have the potential of developing nanobots that reside in humans to, monitor body function repair damaged tissue at the molecular level deconstruct pathologic or abnormal material or cells such as cancer or

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