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Optimism Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Optimism - Essay ExampleFurthermore, the study concludes that irrespective of its nature, components, and roots, optimism has remarkably positive impact on human life and conditions. Defining Optimism Anthropologist, Lionel tiger defines optimism as a mood or attitude associated with an expectation about the social or material future-one which the evaluator regards as socially desirable, to his or her advantage, or for his or her joyousness (18 qtd. in Peterson 44).On the other hand, optimism is attributed to be a instinct of personal control, and ability to identify meaning in ones own life experiences. Optimism is a valuable psychological resource which is long meand to be associated with mental health (Frankle, 1963 Seligman, 1998 Taylor, 1989 qtd. in Taylor et al. 99).Such psychological resources become extremely important when individuals are exposed to repugn or threatening occurrences (Taylor 1164).These resources work as reserves which enables people to cope with difficul t situations in an efficient manner (Taylor et al. 99).Theorists Scheier and Carver(1985) referred optimism as a generalized prospicience that good as compared to bad will happen an individual confronts problem in crucial domains of life(qtd. in Franken 476). In general, the idea of optimism refers to an individuals general positive approach towards life and what it has to offer. Biological Component of Optimism Lionel Tiger (1979) puts forth the biological explanation of optimism. He maintains that in early days, when human left forests, be hunters they had to face death and injuries continuously. Because human mind is inclined towards learning from experiences, he abandoned the tasks associated with negative results. Therefore, it is biological adaption for humans to develop a basic sense of optimism. Furthermore, Tiger argues that when human body is injured, it releases endorphins. Generally, endorphins have two attributes analgesic attributes which decreases the feeling of pa in, and feelings of euphoria. Humans are biologically adaptive to positive emotions when injured in clubhouse to keep the process going (hunting) due to our ancestors experiences, therefore, optimism is a trait which is induced biologically (Franken 1994, qtd. in Dunavold 4). Several theorists believe that optimism is a personality trait sooner than an emotion. They regard optimism as an inborn temperament which means that people are inherently optimistic or pessimistic ( Dunavold 4). Learned Component of Optimism Many researchers believed that optimism is a way of thinking which wad be learned. As Martin Seligmans idea of learned optimism, in addition to Daniel Goleman confirm that the concept that both hope and optimism can be learned. He identifies that self-efficacy leads to hope and optimistic view in life. Self-efficacy refers to the belief that one has control over life events and his ability to meet the challenges as they erupt in life (qtd. in Dunavold 4). However, Dunav old disagrees with the theory and states that, ... optimism can (not) be learned. Dr. Seligmans method of teaching optimism relies heavily on active thought processes which I believe is more of a cognitive activity...Optimism can (not) be reinforced or stifled. Additionally

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