Sunday, August 25, 2019

HCI Reading Journal- Peer Review #3 Research Paper

HCI Reading Journal- Peer Review #3 - Research Paper Example Unlike most phones that are rigid, it is true that the Samsung galaxy and other several android smart phones allow the users to group the apps based on their usability and relationship. I also keep all my social media apps in one folder and video and music in another. This way I am able to easily and conveniently access my files and applications. I agree with you that the ability to add distinct colors to each folder makes it cool and more organized. It is true to say that the design of this interface was purely user centered and it was anchored on satisfaction of the user needs. There is no better way that a user interface will be user friendly than when it allows the user a substantial degree of customization. The concept is not only cool but an eye opener. After watching the explanation from this link: I was able to understand why the digital interface has the dark outline due to the fading between colors. I agree with ou that this is great in-depth info that I definitely will have to consider if I ever want to add this feature in my user interface. The only thing I can say about this observation is that the greatest mistake Microsoft made on windows 8 was to eliminate the start button. Each time I use windows 8 I keep asking myself whether Microsoft ever did a usability testing or evaluation. If so I must say that was a big flop is usability considerations. I agree with you that the elimination of the start button was a big let down to the users of the interface. Additionally the whole interface is more complex and needs a lot of memorizing. That is just increasing the users cognitive load something that Heim (2008) cautions designers against. The recent versions of MS office are more user friendly, well organized and basically cool just as you put it. This is one good example of great user interface design that is focused on simplicity and user friendliness. The

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