Monday, August 26, 2019

Management of Information Business Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3750 words

Management of Information Business - Essay Example Introduction Global business environment is becoming highly competitive as several leading organizations are trying to expand their business operations and business practices on several emerging and developed economies. It is important for the organizations to develop and implement unique business operation strategies in business process in order to achieve significantly competitive advantages. Leading multinational organizations are trying to expand their business process in global market place in order to capitalize on the potential advantages that have been developed due to globalization. Market demand for differentiated and diverged products and services is significantly growing among the global consumers due to globalization and several significant changes in external environmental factors. The report will try to recommend an international business expansion plan for Tata Motors in France automobile market. France is the member of European Union. On the other hand, Tata Motors i s the leading automobile manufacturers in India. The organization is planning to enter in the potential French Automobile market in order to increase market share and develop potential global client base. The report will conduct company, industry, country and regional organization’s (EU) analysis in order to recommend Tata Motors an effective market entry strategy. Porter’s five force analysis has been conducted in order to determine the competition within the industry. PESTLE analysis has been adopted in this study in order to determine the external environmental impact on Tata Motors in France. At last the report will provide conclusion by summing up several key points. MNE Analysis (Tata Motors) Tata Motors Limited is an India based Multinational... This paper stresses that Tata Motors is one of the profitable India based multinational organization trying to expand business performance in France. It is clear from above discussion that French automobile industry is highly competitive as several leading organizations are operating within the industry to grab each other’s market share and client base. In addition to this, economic downturn and change in social demand is motivating the automobile manufacturers to implement unique customer centric approaches in business operation. This report makes a conclusion that France is one of the important members of European Union. The nations within this European Union try to develop significant business and industrial strategies to improve the condition of business environment. European Union tries to focus on infrastructure development in order to motivate leading multinational organizations to enter in the market. Looking into these social advantages, Tata Motors is trying to enter in the developed French market to maximize market share and profit margin. It is difficult for an organization to enter in an international market and start making profit initially due to several external environmental barriers. Therefore, it would be effective for Tata Motors if they choose joint venture as the market entry mode. It will help the MNE to get effective financial and HRM support from the co-venture initially. Significant access to supply chain of co-venture can help Tata Motors to reduce business operation cost and time. M ost importantly it will help the organization to meet market demand.

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