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Modern-day Slavery in the USA Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Modern-day Slavery in the USA - Research Paper Example Now, one cannot blame the US government on the past deeds because slavery (say, slavery, forced work and slave trading) does not prevail in the USA. From a different angle of view, slavery in the modern age is entirely different because it is closely related to globalization and it’s after effects. Thesis statement: The transformation of slavery from older days to the modern age in USA proves that poverty and related factors manipulated the same but effective measures can reduce its negative effect in a multiracial society (special references to the modern-day Slavery in the USA). Slavery: definition As pointed out, there exist so many differences between slavery in the older days and slavery in the present condition. For instance, slavery in the older days exerted direct influence upon the salves. But now, slavery is indirect and it is difficult to differentiate it from forced labour or denial of human rights. Earlier, salves faced a number of problems related to human dignit y and inhuman behaviour from their owners. Now, the situation is different and the present day salves are facing a number of other problems like poverty and it’s after effects. Still, the older definition of slavery is not applicable to present day salves because slavery is indirect and invisible. ... In 1600s, some Africans from the African continent were enslaved by the British colonial authorities and were forced to do hard labour in North America (say, Virginia). This resulted in the unrestricted slave trade from Africa and slavery in USA. But the beginning of slavery in American continent was initiated by the Spanish invaders in 1500s. When more and more land was used for agricultural purposes, slave trade and forced labour rapidly spread to other parts of USA. The end of colonization resulted in the deterioration of slavery in USA. The American Civil War resulted in the abolition of slavery and forced labour. But Modern-day Slavery in the USA, in other forms, poses threats to human dignity and social development in general. How slavery is performed First of all, slavery in USA in older times was based upon unfree labor or all the main forms of slavery. Slavery under the landlords includes the restriction of basic human rights. The slaves were not allowed to be free from forc ed labor because slavery was not limited to any particular generation. When a human being is enslaved, his or her off springs will automatically become slaves. Besides, less or no money was paid for forced slavery. As the slaves were considered as animals or commodities that can be sold or bought, less importance was given to them. In USA, there were a number of slave traders who used to supply slaves to farm owners. As the slaves were forced to be loyal to their owner, they were forced to ignore the importance of human rights. So, one can easily identify that slavery in USA was brutally performed, without any human consideration towards the slaves. Modern-day Slavery in USA:

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