Sunday, August 11, 2019

Nonverbal communication in organizations Research Paper

Nonverbal communication in organizations - Research Paper Example However, it can be apparently observed that business organizations often face certain problems (such as misinterpretation of non-verbal signals), leading towards ineffective business performance and corporate culture. In this regard, certain recommendations have been provided with the objective of enhancing communication process. Contextually, it can be affirmed that business organizations, with effective communication process may aid in enhanced performance of business operations in the present competitive business scenario. Nonverbal Communication in Organizations In the present business scenario, market competition has augmented to a substantial extent with the development in the field of technologies and increased level of globalization. A similar argument has remained in focus of various studies conducted in the recent era, for example in Mujezinovic (2011), Rho (2009), Ambady & Rosethal (1998) and Vasu, Stewart & Garson (1998) to name a few. Although the arguments in these stud ies have been varying and often contradictory, the inferences drawn have been commonly in agreement with the statement that modern business organizations are required to be much competent in performing internal along with external business activities with the intention of executing business operations in a competitive along with a profitable manner. In this regard, communication is determined to be playing an imperative role in assisting business organizations to conduct their respective business activities efficiently. While this particular notion is agreed upon by many, the way through which, communication processes within organizational contexts can be managed remains to be a major point of dispute among researchers. Recent researches in this regard, have viewed that business organizations often communicate externally along with internally1;2;3. As argued by Rho (2009), externally, business organizations communicate messages for conducting various activities such as marketing. On the other hand, internal communication denotes the process on the basis of which effective communication is made between employees and employers. In this context, effective communication will facilitate organizations in better management, coordination and execution of effective business operations towards the accomplishment of desired business targets4. Arguably, non-verbal communication is regarded as a procedure of communicating information and messages through expressions, mimics and gestures. As noted by Spaho (2013), this type of communication involves conveying of messages in any form other that language or words. The impact of non-verbal communication is based on various factors that include inner coherence, dissimulation capacity, ability and strength to manipulate information among others. Non-verbal communication often plays a decisive role in conveying important messages within a business organization in accordance with which business operations can be executed in an eff icient manner5. Discussion Explanation of Non-verbal Communication in Organizations In the most simple way, non-verbal comm

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