Saturday, August 10, 2019

Please go to this link and discuss a question with philosophy ethics Essay

Please go to this link and discuss a question with philosophy ethics and knowledge - Essay Example People believe that they can find their happiness. Natural happiness is one that we get when we achieve our desires while a synthetic one that we make when we do not get that which we wanted. Modern society believes that synthetic happiness is inferior to a natural one. The analysis shows that synthetic happiness is as genuine as any other form. Satisfaction of this kind occurs when one is happy with what they currently have. Freedom is some form of natural happiness and is the enemy of synthetic happiness. Synthetic happiness helps people to accept the things they cannot change. Irreversible situations are not favorable for artificial happiness to occur. Some things are better than others, and it is good to have preferences. When we have unlimited ambition, we can work at our best. When we have ambitions that are limited, this can make us go into negative vices to get the happiness that we seek. Such a situation can even cause us to sacrifice things that are of value to us. Our worries and everyday pressures are overblown because we have the ability to control how we react to them. We have the capacity to make our

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