Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Organizational Performance Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Organizational Performance - Essay Example One of the many personality traits that gauge the suitability of job applicants is the integrity test, which is given to thousands of prospective job seekers with more than 40% of companies in Fortune 100 list indicating to have applied personality tests in gauging the suitability of workers including the CEOs. Moreover, Judge & Lepine noted a close correlation between the big five traits, which are referred to as bright traits considering that each trait resulted in some positive implications and that there was direct evidence linking the traits to social desirability.3 For instance, Judge & Lepine explained that individuals with stable emotions tend to be happier and are usually good job performers than those with unstable emotions.4 Moreover, extroverts tend to have better relationship qualities and higher subjective-wellbeing characteristics. Extroverts are in some cases better communicators, an aspect that is desirable in the workplace where teamwork and collaboration are vital for improved performance. Therefore, considerations for such personality traits draw managers to develop some bias towards individuals with the required traits commensurate with the job at hand. However, Neal et al. reported negative relations between extroverts and personal proficiency in the workplace.5 However, Neal et al. observed that openness had a positive relation to the proactivity of an individual as well as to organizational proactivity. Moreover, the study indicated that the conscience of the individual employee had a strong relation to the individual performance of a task. In other words, the research revealed that people whose conscious state is tuned towards achieving a certain task may perform better than those who are not, while the openness of the individual had bearings on the proactivity of such an individual.

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