Thursday, September 26, 2019

Research Paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Research Paper - Essay Example People like leading life that is far from fear. Natural justice demands respect to human life and dignity. Freedom ceases when human life is under the fear of terror attacks. Terror attacks and threats of terror attack impact on economy of a country. My thesis will dwell on terrorism since it has been an issue of interest in the recent past with several terror attacks reported in many parts of the world. Many people fear security threat and would rather keep off from places that have security problems. People would be keen to listen to information regarding terrorism. Research indicates that businesses and human activities, which lead to economic development becomes victims of terror attacks at a given time of their operations. Terrorism attack in the United State has led to closure of several businesses and death of dozens of citizens (Bruck 28). It is quite unfair for innocent people to die merciless in the hands of people who do not wish to air their concerns in dignified manner. How would a person feel when an innocent child loses his life because of terror attack? The government security agencies endeavor to provide security to the citizens. Protection from terror attack must come first in top government agenda. Stable economy of United States depends on the security system of the country. Many investors are reluctant to invest in countries, which suffer from terrorist attack. Terror risk deprives people from achieving natural justice. Terrorist acts fail to acknowledge respect for human dignity and rights. Institution of governments among people aims to provide checks and balances in human authority and activities. United States cannot progress when terrorism rule the society. It will water the progresses that the country has made. The society has viewed terrorism as a suicide attack for a very long time. Changes in technology have introduced new strains of terrorism in the society. These strains include biological terrorism, chemical terrorism and inform ation warfare. Information warfare is an act that would leak basic security information of a country thereby exposing the country to attack by the terrorist. This form of terrorism is quite recent and very difficult to control. United States is a superpower and would harbor information which when leaked would expose the country to security risks. Individuals who want the country to sympathize with their criminal acts would crack the information and expose it to the internet. On the other hand, biological or chemical terrorism would use the chemical technology to cause harm to the society. Manufacture of chemicals that would lead to massive death violates human rights. Death of innocent people is not acceptable. Biological engineering may result in formation of products that would lead to human death. The above forms of terrorism expose human life to risk thereby calling for protection against such. Researchers’ and database articles around the globe have shown that, societies have come up with means of airing their grievances. Terrorists approach to societal problems has attracted condemnation throughout the world. Countries feel insecure when terrorist are on the loose. The political system of the country would suffer on the hands of terrorist. The society expects the political government in office to take responsibility of providing security to the people (Bruck 78). When the government sounds a terror risk, the political system of the country becomes weak. The political responsibility demands that a

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